Sunday, July 24, 2011

For A Sweet Boy....

Please pray for this family. I don't know them but I don't have to; their precious 2 year old baby boy is sick.... very very sick. The photos are really hard to look at but they have stuck with me. While I am beyond thankful for my girl and her health, my heart is breaking for this mommy who has to see her baby like this in what will most likely be his last days of life. Her strength and positivity stun me... she's a strong woman.

I'm also thankful for the millions of mommy's and babies and angels that will be in Heaven waiting to wrap their arms around her baby's perfect little body when Jesus brings him home.

Have you ever thought about all the sweet babies we'll get to love on in Heaven? I love thinking about 'the place' God is preparing for me!

Thanks for being such faithful prayer warriors, friends!

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