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Hi! We're the Smith Family...

Joey, Lindsay, Hannah, Hunter, our #3 in Heaven, and our newest addition, Baby Abe

Our story...

We have been married for 4 years and have been immeasurably blessed! Our precious daughter Hannah is our over-night miracle.... she's 5 years old and keeps us on our toes with her contagious smile, bubbling personality, and social skills that go beyond those of many adults we know! Hunter is our living miracle... born at 30 weeks, his fighter's instincts and strong will are truly his greatest strengths. While God allows us to call them our babies, we know that they are truly on loan from Heaven... and they're ours for just a while!

 After 7 years of infertility, we found ourselves pregnant.... for the first time in our marriage we didn't temp or chart or try. Our #3 was a distant thought and we were completely overjoyed at the blessing God had given us to experience a pregnancy! Sadly, we lost our precious miracle #3 in a painful miscarriage in August, 2013. Our hearts are shattered. 

We've always known that our family would be grown through adoption and this pregnancy, though exciting and a precious gift, threw us for a huge loop! We found ourselves back at the drawing board.... or back at the Reproductive Endocrynologist! We needed answers... and an explanation as to why we couldn't get pregnant for so long and all of a sudden found ourselves just that.... and lost it just like that, too. So you'll understand our shock when we met with our endo and were faced with 1 option ...


and the next day, we got our second +.

Our precious #4.

Our Abe.

This place is a safe haven for those who are hurting in any capacity, who seek a deeper understanding of Christ's love for every one of us, or who just want to read some honesty thoughts on life. God is writing our story and has blessed us beyond belief by sending each of you to us and making you a part of our story.

If you're struggling through infertility, loss, or the adoption process, or if you just like funny stories and brutal honesty, I'm so glad you're here!

~ Lindsay

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