Tuesday, October 20, 2015

URGENT~ Baby Girl Needs Her Family!

* This is a SPECIAL NEEDS placement... I have done my best to start this research for you and have inked to all pertinent information within this post, however Baby Girl's needs are extensive; PLEASE do your own research before inquiring about her. Educate yourself... no one has time to do it for you ;-)

* If you do not have a CURRENT, VALID HOME STUDY, are not approved for special needs, and are not ready to travel quickly, DO NOT APPLY for this situation.

* I am not representing this baby or this situation... I am simply doing what I can do direct anyone who's heart is pulled at this baby's story to the one's who are caring for her.

* The following is ALL of the information I have about this situation.

A home study ready, special needs approved family is needed for a precious 3 month old baby girl who has been diagnosed with Prader Willi Syndrome (read more about Prader Willi here).

A few things to know:

* Baby Girl is presently on Oxygen and is in a specialized therapy facility to try and help her core improve to the point where she will not need a g-tube. A g-tube is still a possibility, but there is hope that therapy can strengthen her enough to not need it.

* Fees will be, at most $13,000

* Baby Girl's First Family would like an open adoption and would like to find a family for their baby girl who will love and keep her name (name will be told to prospective, home study approved families.... but it's SUPER cute!)

If you're ready to commit to this precious girl, or learn more about her, please email Sara (at) specialangelsadoption (dot) org

If you're not in a place to welcome this sweet girl, please pray... for her incredible Mama and Daddy who love her so much and for her forever Mama and Daddy who are missing her, even if they don't know it yet.

And please share. Her needs are extremely special... and her family has been through so much already in their quest to find her Forever Family... PLEASE share and help us unite them!

Remember our Hunter? He wasn't supposed to walk or talk or live. And he is. God is good... and when WE faithfully allow ourselves to be His hands and feet for these precious creations, HE SHOWS UP. Let's do this, friends... we're SO good at it!