Friday, February 17, 2017

Family Needed NOW for Special Needs Baby Girl!


This precious baby girl is currently WITH HER FOREVER FAMILY!!!!! Friends, this is entirely thanks to you..... to the 15,000+ of you who gave her story your time and read it.... to the 6,000+ of you who shared her story on Facebook, Instagram, and on your own blogs... and to the hundreds of thousands who simply saw her story and prayed....

to all of you, on behalf of this sweet baby girl, her First Family, her Forever Family, and those who have dedicated countless hours to seeing that they united as soon as possible...


You always have been, are, and always will be HIS HANDS AND FEET for these precious little ones and you never cease to amaze me. 


* This is a SPECIAL NEEDS placement... I have done my best to start this research for you and have inked to all pertinent information within this post, however Baby Girl's needs are extensive and much is unknown; PLEASE do your own research before inquiring about her. Educate yourself... no one has time to do it for you ;-)

* If you do not have a CURRENT, VALID HOME STUDY, are not approved for special needs, and are not ready to travel quickly, DO NOT APPLY for this situation.

* I am not representing this baby or this situation... I am simply doing what I can do direct anyone who's heart is pulled at this baby's story to the one's who are caring for her. Comments questioning issues around fees or First Parents will be deleted.

* The following is ALL of the information I have about this situation.

A special family is desperately needed for a precious 6 week old Korean baby girl who suffered a traumatic birth. Baby Girl has been diagnosed with HIE (Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy). Baby Girl's future holds SO many unknowns, but one thing is FOR CERTAIN.... she needs a family... and quickly; She is being released MONDAY and will come home with a feeding tube.


* It is preferred that this family lives in an East Coast State to make travel and transport safe and fast

This precious baby girl is in need of lifelong care, a family who will devote themselves to helping her reach her very highest potential, and who believe with everything in them that she does, in fact have enormous potential. Because she does.

Fees are $8,300 and have already been reduced as much as possible. Fees include birth-mother counseling, ICPC, legals, and the work it takes to acquire adoption subsidies for the baby. Fees do not include finalization in the adoptive parent's home state or travel and travel expenses.

If you would like to know more about bringing this precious girl into your family, please email your home study to .

If this sweet girl isn't the right fit for your family right now, PLEASE click 'share' so we can continue searching for her forever family! They're out there... and I so strongly believe that we will find them! We are running out of time and I know how you guys work... if anyone can find this baby's family, it's YOU! 

Thank you for being HIS hands and feet on behalf of this most precious creation!