Thursday, April 30, 2015

First Mama's and Adoptive Parents...

This weekend, I have the HUGE honor of speaking to an amazing group of First Mamas at the BirthMom Buds Retreat! I am SO excited for this opportunity and my prayer is that Jesus allows me to speak truth and encouragement into their lives... 

And I could use your help :-)

Are you a First Mama?

What do you need to hear from your baby's adoptive mama? If you could sit down with her, what would you ask her? What words, if there are any, would make your heart happy? What do you want HER to know?

Or maybe you're an adoptive parent...

What do you want your baby's First Mama to know?! When you look at that precious face every day, do you think about her? What do you need her to hear from YOUR mama heart?

Please help me, friends... share your heart with me... tell me the most precious words that maybe you can't even say! I want your feedback so badly, no matter what phase of life you're in so everyone who gives me feedback will be entered to win a fun giveaway from me :-)

Leave a comment below, on Facebook, or email me (OnLoanFromHeaven at yahoo dot com)... I can't wait to share with you after this weekend!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

BirthMom Buds... Opportunity to Serve!

Have you heard of BirthMom Buds?

If you haven't, go check them out...

I'll wait...


BirthMom Buds is an amazing group of Birth Moms who have joined together to support and encourage each other and also provide support to expecting moms who may be considering adoption for their baby....

And as an adoptive mama, I've learned SO much from them over the years!

This group has grown leaps and bounds over the past few years and they host an incredible retreat annually for First Moms of all backgrounds... some who placed years and years ago and some who placed within the past few months... some who are part of an open adoption and some who are part of a closed one... some who have reunited with their babies and some who have not. For 3 days, these women come together in Charlotte, North Carolina and spend time in a haven that is build specifically for them... for their hearts and minds and souls. 

Can you imagine a better place for your babies' First Mama to be?!

I can't.

I am MORE than honored that the staff of BirthMom Buds have asked me to speak at this year's retreat! A chance to stand in front of women who are so much like my babies' and brother's First Moms is the chance of lifetime and I can't wait to pour love and encouragement into them in May!

But here's the best part about this retreat...

2 nights in a hotel... amazing food... fun games... a special goodie bag for each Mama... 

and it's free of cost to every Mama who attends.


The staff of Birth Mom Buds relies completely on donations to host this special weekend for these Mamas... and they could use our help!

The cost incurred for each woman's attendance for 3 days is approximately $70... and so far, over 35 women have committed to attending! (SO EXCITING!!)

If you've been looking for a way to serve some First Mama's, please consider heading over to their support page and making a donation! They need at least $2,450 to come in over the next few weeks so they can make this the most memorable weekend for their girls!

And if it's just not a good time to donate monetarily, that's ok! They also need a few more things from us...

* Each First Mama who attends this retreat will go home with a special goodie bag! If you own or run your own business, please consider donating 40 items to these bags! Businesses will be mentioned by name in the retreat program and I can't think of a better way to make these ladies feel special and loved by so many people!

* There will be dozens of contests and giveaways throughout the weekend and the staff of BMB needs door prizes of any and all shapes, sizes, and colors! I'll be donating some of my favorite essential oils :-) Do you have something sitting around that you could donate?! Or how fun would a gift card be??

If you're led to donate goodie bag items or door prizes, those both need to be received by April 28 and you can contact Nicole Strickland at! (And she's awesome... you'll love her :-))

And if nothing else, please be in prayer for this special weekend... that these Mama's would feel special and loved, that the staff would be refreshed and equipped to support them, that hurting hearts will be healed and that lifelong friendships would be made! Pray that God gives me the words that these Mama's need to hear from an adoptive Mama... that they would resonate deeply and bring healing where it's needed.

Thanks, friends... If I know anything about you, it's that you are the best at allowing God to use you to change lives... and I've seen you change SO many! Thank you for being His hands and feet!