The Song

One of the most common comments I get in reference to my blog...

I LOVE the name of your blog!!

One of the most common questions...

Where did you come up with that?!

The responses, my friends, date back to 2010.... let's flashback;

  I lived with my grandparents for about a month before I started at a new college as a transfer student during my Sophomore year. A woman came to their church for a mini-concert and I joined them. I can't remember her name.... how I wish I could remember her name. She sang a song that has never left my head; I could even sing the chorus to you if you asked me to and I will never forget the words:

"She's on loan from Heaven
And she's mine for just a while.
God I know you love me,
When I look into her eyes."

I'm starting to think that I made these lyrics up... if I did, good for me! I love them! And if you happen to be 'that girl'.. if you wrote this amazing song... I hope you'll reach out to me. You've impacted so many aspects of my life with your song!

What an impact those words had on me when I became a Mom to my sweet Hannah. All I did for the first few days she was home was study her; her long eyelashes, her beautiful blue eyes, her tiny fingers and toes, the way she smiled when she sneezed. And all I could think was "she's all mine!" Then I'd remember these lyrics (wherever they came from) and I would take comfort and pride in the fact that she wasn't mine, Jesus was just letting me borrow her for a while... and OH! How much He must love me to trust me with His precious child!

I have spent 7 years searching for the beautiful woman who wrote this song... I have Googled the lyrics, searched for the phrase itself, and have spend countless house rummaging through old boxes of CD's to find the one that I vaguely remember throwing away... because I had literally played it so much that it wouldn't work anymore. I have not heard that amazing song since then... since 2007.

I have had such a burden on my heart for so many years to find this sweet singer.... to let her know how much her music meant to me, how her words have been etched into my heart forever,  that I firmly believe that God spoke those words to her in order that they might change me as a mommy, and how the words have changed so many other lives through this blog.

So you'll understand my complete shock when I received this email a couple weeks ago;

Hi Lindsay ~ 
I was linked to your page through Facebook and noticed your web page name and your wonderful purpose. I wrote a song a long long time ago called just that "on loan from heaven" and if there is any way it would benefit you let me know. 

(The Chorus);

She’s on loan from heaven, 
And she’s mine for just a while
God I know you love me
 when I look into her eyes
Your handiwork has left my heart assured

She’s on loan from heaven

~ Katy

(Excuse my HORRIBLE excuse for a sound clip... I'm working on a better one ;-))

With shaking hands, I immediately copied and pasted my post from October, 2010 into my reply and stood in my kitchen and waited to hear her response....

All she could say was "wow"...

And that echoed my own heart completely.

In a matter of minutes, Katy and I were getting to know each other on the phone... and we've been talking since. Let me tell you, friends... There aren't many people like Katy out there; she is so kind hearted!

To think that I have spent all these years searching for her... and God brought HER to ME.

She has blessed me in more ways than I can describe!

Katy is not only a beautiful, beautiful singer/ song-writer, but her passion for Jesus is undeniable through her music and her sweet spirit. She has spent the past few years growing her precious family and leading worship where and when she can, but has had to put aside her own music ...

And that's just not ok with me. Katy's music needs to be in your home... in your heart...
You can Purchase both of Katy's albums, Meadows of Mercy and Princess in Disguise or any of her singles on iTunes...

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