Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Some Comedy; Courtesy of Hannah!

While this blog's primary purpose is adoption and infertility, I love throwing in a few posts about our baby-girl, too. I like to think of those special posts as a way for me to document her life.

At just 3 years old (and even aside from my obvious bias ;-)), Hannnah is one of the most hilarious toddlers/ kids I know! She has such a quick wit and never misses a beat when she has an opportunity to make people laugh!

Here are just a few of her most recent moments that have kept us laughing every time we remember;

 Keep in mind that we've just finished potty training so some of these are 3 year old 'potty jokes' ;-)

* Me: Hannah, I have a Candy Cane for you when you poop on the potty!
Hannah: I don't poop for Candy Canes, Mommy... only for Chocolate.


Hannah's prayer at bedtime; "Dear Jesus, thank you for today. Thank you fir my family and my friends. Help me have sweet dream tonite. Amen!"

"Wait Mommy!! And Jesus, please help me poop on the potty so I can go to school one day. Amen!"

* I was putting Hannah to bed and she sang to me (I had Laryngitis), said prayers, and I gave her a kiss on the cheek. She sat up so I gave her a hug, kissed her cheek again, rubbed her back and she said, "Mommy, what are you doing?"

I said, "I'm loving on you before you go to sleep!"
She said...
"Mommy, I just need a drink of water and that's all."

Telling knock knock jokes...

H~Knock knock.
Joey~ Who's there?
H~ Skunk! Cookie! Kangaroo! Banana! Orange! Choo choo train! Aaaaaa hahahahaha!

* "Mommy, my tummy hurts."
"Why does it hurt, baby?"
"It just has lots of gas."

* Me: Hannah, you're having some trouble listening today."
Hannah: "I know Mommy... My ears are just broken."

* Hannah was in the playroom this morning and came running into the kitchen yelling, "Mommy!!! Hurry to the doctors office... Daddy's having a BABY! A REAL one!!"

* Me: " Hannah, what do you dream about when you're sleeping?"
Hannah : "Dora, and Diego, and Baby Jaguar, and Boots!"
Joey Smith: "What does Mommy dream about?"
Hannah : "Hannah !"
Me: "That's right! What does Daddy dream about?"
Hannah : "MOMMY!!!!"

* Hannah: Mommy, thank you for my delicious cupcakes!
Me: You're welcome, baby... I'm glad you liked them!

5 seconds pass...

Hannah: Mommy? May I have a cupcake for breakfast?
Me: I think that's a good idea!
Hannah: Oh! I'm so happy, Mommy!


And our all time favorite Hannah moment.....

Hannah: "Mommy, did you sex daddy today?"
Me: "WHAT?!"
Hannah: "Did you sex daddy on your phone?"

~ Pretty sure she meant 'text' ;-)

 ** I have heard from so many women this week and I'm so so excited for our What Not To Say To Birthparents (because I've heard from a birth-FATHER, too... I never meant to leave you guys out!) post (see below)! If you have some questions/ comments to add to our list, PLEASE email me at OnLoanFromHeaven@yahoo.com... Thank you for being so transparent with me; I've loved hearing from so many of you :-) **

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