Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Best 4 Years of Our Lives!

You turned 4 today.
4 years that went by entirely too fast.
4 years of lessons from you on how to be parents.
4 years of trial and error.
 4 years of watching you grow.

4 years of the best laughter of our lives.
4 years that we'll never forget....
But simply can't wait to add to!
A few 'Hannah-ism's' from your 4th year of life....
You; Daddy, I have 37 dollars!
Daddy; Who gave you all that money?!
You: Guys did!
Over-tired you threw a fit today at naptime and accidentally kicked me in the chest....

You: "I'm sorry Mommy... where did I kick you?"
Me: "In my chest (and I pointed)."
 You: "In your heart?"
Me: "Yes.... "
 You (very sad): "Mommy, did I kick Jesus?"
Me: "What do you mean, Baby?"
 You: "Jesus lives in your heart, Mommy... did I hurt Him?"

I was putting something up in the closet and when I backed out of it I ran into into you and you ran into Dee-O...

You; That was really not cool mom.
Daddy was out of town and you and I had pancakes for dinner for the second night in a row... last night was M&M pancakes and tonite was chocolate chip but I made plain for myself;

You: "I see that you have a chocolate chip pancake on your plate, Mama. I fink that one is mine."
Me: "I have 2 plain and 1 chocolate chip... I just wanted to try one. Ummm.... where did you learn to talk like that?"
 You: "I'm not sure, Mama... but I want my pancake back, please."
In one breath; "mommy, I spilled blue yogurt on the carpet and cleaned it all up with my foot but it's ok because Jesus said in the bible that mommys and daddys need to be nice to little kids and boys (??) so don't be mad, okay mommy?"
Me: Hannah, I have a Candy Cane for you when you poop on the potty!
 You: I don't poop for Candy Canes, Mommy... only for Chocolate.
You: "Mommy, did you sex daddy today?"
Me: "WHAT?!"
 You: "Did you sex daddy on your phone?"
 (since I'm not even sure we'll still be texting when you're old enough to read this, I'll mention that I'm pretty sure you meant 'text' ;-))
One morning in late March, you came running into our room screaming, "Mommy Daddy, Mommy Daddy... my baby brother's coming! He's coming and I don't know what car he'll be in but he's coming!"
We had been trying for a year to make you a big sister and it was so so hard for us to explain to you how God works, that He was working on making you a sister but wasn't ready to give us our baby yet. This went on all day and I finally asked you,

"Baby, who told you that your Baby Brother is on his way?"
You replied...
"Jesus did."
Your heart is as pure as gold!
Happy Birthday, Princess.... you're our world, our passion, our gift, and our dreams come true!



  1. What a sweet post! Happy 4th Birthday!

  2. This is so sweet. I love all of your posts (even though I've been slack with commenting). Some of those sayings are cracking me up! Hope she had a great birthday!


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