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The Spoiler~ What To Expect When You're Expecting

I mentioned in my previous post (the one where I warned you to see the movie because I would soon spoil it for you ;-)) that What To Expect When You're Expecting brought out just about every emotion from me... as a mom, as an adoptive mom, as a woman, as a wife, as a friend. Joey and I both laughed hysterically and by the end, were a little more somber ... and I was bawling. Like, ugly cry, Joey's arm around me, sobbing. In my defense, he teared up, too (sorry, babe!).
I'll bullet point my thoughts...
~ I LOVE the cast!

~ I LOVE that this movie gives a voice to almost all scenarios dealing with pregnancy... unplanned pregnancies, infertility, adoption, abortion, miscarriage, one night stands, mixed race couples, couples of various ages in various stages of life and relationships. I love that each scenario has a voice!

~ I LOVE that each scenario was dealt with gently... I didn't feel threatened by any of the couple's situations; they were all realistic and believable.

~ If you've ever been involved in a home study, you know why we CRACKED UP during Holly and Alex's home visit ;-)

~ I liked how Alex was embraced by the 'Dude Group' and treated like a soon-to-be-dad who was no different than any other dad just because he was becoming a father through adoption.
~ I loved how Alex's thoughts and feelings about becoming a dad were given credit... he was uncertain, then accepting, shocked, scared, excited, supportive, and everything in between; but we saw every emotion and every emotion was very real.

~ I loved the attention the movie gave to international adoption... but I wish the had explored domestic adoption, too; Rosie and Marco would have been the perfect couple to explore the other side of adoption.

~ I would loved if they explored the side of a birth-mom.
~ I just loved the "Dude Group." Period.

~ I liked how the five relationships intertwined (father/son, client/photographer, weight loss instructor/student).
~ I didn't like that Wendy, who struggled with infertility, was portrayed as the b****y, moody, ungrateful, miserable pregnant woman.

~ I wasn't crazy about Skyler's (Brooklyn Decker) flippant attitude about her pregnancy and how 'easy' it was... especially in scenes that included her daughter-in-law Wendy, who she knew had struggled with infertility. I know all to well that this scenario is very real... it just made my heart break for Wendy, even through the screen.

~ I don't think miscarriage is 'fair' for anyone... but it bothered me that Marco and Rosie~ the unmarried, one night stand couple were the one's who had the miscarriage. I felt that their situation had the potential to bring light to the reality of their all-to-real situation... it could have gone in so many (teachable) directions; coming together for the sake of a child, analyzing and thinking through real-life situations that involve making decisions that are best for a child, even though they aren't easy to make.

~ I didn't feel like the movie portrayed the grief and anguish that comes after a miscarriage. At all.

~ Of the couples in the movie who weren't married, I appreciated that none of the women were left hanging out to dry... the men were portrayed as supportive and involved, regardless of their situations; Jules and Evan hooking up while dancing partners and old flames Rosie and Marco.

(and really, who doesn't love Matthew Morrison?! ;-))
~ I loved the ending; I love love loved watching Holly and Alex get their baby! I loved that the tough guy, Davis, the one who all the 'Dude Group' Dads idolized for his single life-style, ended up in the 'Dude Group', too. Now I want to see the out-takes ;-)
So.... that's it in a nutshell; I thought it was a movie that is too relevant to my life (and many of your's!) and it deserved a review ;-) I need to watch it again but I'm pretty sure it will end up in my top 10 favorite movies, critiques and all!

Did you see it?! Weigh in... I wanna hear from you and know what you thought!

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  1. I felt like each woman was one of my friends or family members. I thought it was extremely believable and I loved it, too but I agree with your comment about domestic adoption!


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