Friday, January 30, 2015

UPDATE: URGENT- Special Needs Baby Girl Needs A Family By MONDAY!

Update below;

I'm sitting here tonight holding my perfect, full-term, brown haired, blue eyed baby boy....

he's such a happy baby... good eater... amazing sleeper... loves to 'talk' already... his smiles come so easily... 

And I'm completely overwhelmed with love for him.

And I wonder...

"What if he wasn't?"

Wasn't full-term... wasn't a good eater or sleeper... 

what if they said he wouldn't walk one day...

or talk...

what if he wasn't 'perfect'?

How would I feel when I held him... 'that' baby...?

But then I remember...

I felt anxious...


Completely unequipped to care for him... to keep him alive...

But I could do one thing....

I could love him.

And I did.

I do.

More than anything in this world.

Because I have that full-term, brown haired, blue eyed baby boy...

And I also have a dirty blond, curly haired, brown eyed, 30 week preemie baby boy who wasn't supposed to walk or talk or eat ...

And all I see is 'perfect'.

And I get to hold them both tonight.


There's a special baby girl who will meet her forever family soon...

She's so young but has been through more than most of us can say we have.

Her First Mama chose LIFE for her...

and because of YOU, her First Mama will be able to choose her forever family.

Every single one of you were instrumental in giving this precious First Mama a CHOICE ....  

That's right... she will have MORE THAN ONE family to choose from as she finds the best family for her baby girl... and 24 hours ago, she had NONE.

Every single one of you are responsible for a sweet baby girl finding a forever family and avoiding foster care.

Thank you for being vulnerable and open to allowing God to use you to be the hands and feet for another one of His most precious creations.

I can't wait to update you again soon when yet another family is made complete!

Tomorrow is a BIG day that will change so many lives... a precious baby girl's, her amazing First Mama's, and a special Forever Families...

A few prayer requests;

* Pray for baby girl's health... that she stays strong as she waits to be united with her Mama and Daddy any day!

* Pray for baby girl's First Mama.... her greatest loss is another Mama's greatest joy and she will feel the weight of the tragedy and the freedom of joy in this decision for the rest of her life.

* Pray for her Mama and Daddy... that they will see and feel how God has been preparing their hearts and home for this precious miracle!

* Pray for every family that sent in their home study, praying fervently that they would be this baby girl's family.... pray for the families this First Mama doesn't choose tomorrow, as their hearts will be broken... and for many of them, this won't be the first time.

And a favor...

The stories of these precious babies travel further than you or I could imagine... this baby girl's story was seen by over 200,000 people in 22 hours. These stories change lives that we don't know needed to be changed... They touch lives and remain imbedded in hearts for days and weeks... and closure is invaluable. Please 'share' baby girl's updates... provide not only the closure someone's heart needs but also share how good our God is... how a body of people can come together to truly love such precious babies. These stories restore faith in humanity and these days, we can't have enough faith!

Thank you, friends... your obedience when God asks us to help these babies never ceases to amaze me... you are changing lives.


  1. It might be helpful if the people reading this knew rough location for travel purposes. Sharing and praying

    1. I wish I could share that publicly :-/ It WILL be disclosed privately to home study ready families! Thank you for sharing and praying.... we are, too!

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  2. Shared. Praying for this precious baby girl and for the forever family who will have the honor of loving her.

  3. I have sent our homestudy to the email mentioned....please pray with us that God places her in the home that He has prepared....Thank you Jesus for this blessing..Venicia

  4. We don't qualify as we're looking to do a private adoption. However, my niece was born to a drug addict & my sister & her husband picked her up when she was 19 hours old. Today, she's a beautiful, happy & completely healthy 7 year old. Also, I was born with a genetic, terminal illness & my parents were told I wouldn't live to see 5. However, today I'm 33, thriving & just completed my doctorate studies. Don't let the possibility of something keep you from adopting this precious blessing.

  5. I know ya wanna keep this clear for people that are able to provide a home for her. but just wanna let you know that I am praying for her! Both of my boys have special needs and they are a blessing! they light up my life! well, all three of my kids do! Anyway good luck with everything and God bless!

  6. I work at a facility that takes care of medically fragile children, if there is anyone that will adopt these beauties, as long as they have some kind of medical need, we can take them if it's too much to handle. Must be in PA. We are Firely Pediatrics, and we love and take care of kids as if they were our own.

  7. Uh! This hearts my heart! My 4-year old begs daily to adopt a baby sister. My husband works with special needs kids. I wish we were home study approved. I would totally love on her! God bless the family she ends up with. :)

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  8. I am a 65 year old woman and I have raised 6 children and I can offer prayers...I never applied, because as much as I wanted to ,I never thought anyone would give me a baby..If it were possible, I would deffinately take the little angel. She is already impacting hearts everywhere..GOD bless whoever steps up to help.. and I am always here...
    hugs, Iris Carver

  9. What is home study ready?

    1. means you have had a licensed person do a home study in your home already and depending on state it can't be over so many years. A home study is information gathered through a home visit and lots of paperwork along with criminal background verification etc. It makes sure you are qualified to take a child.

  10. Uh! This hearts my heart! My 4-year old begs daily to adopt a baby sister. My husband works with special needs kids. I wish we were home study approved. I would totally love on her! God bless the family she ends up with. :)

  11. I would be more than happy to have this baby in my home. I have three precious girls she would be perfect in our family. Too bad the moneybis not available at this point.

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  15. Praying that this special Angel will find a home with parents who will love her unconditionally

  16. I wished I could take this precious baby girl in...cuz I'd do it in a heart beat. God bless her and the family that is blessed to get her. So beautiful.

  17. I have been tryIng to reach you for a few days - I have a family who is hime study ready and would be very very interested in getting their profile to the birth mother before she decides. Can you please let me know how to connect them asap?? Thank you!

  18. My email is - thank you!

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  21. It's always sad when a post like this one gets chocked full of spam comments. I hope everything works out with the adoption. God bless.

  22. My husband and I just turned in our paperwork today to adopt through the state. Is it too late to send in our profile? Thank you for your help.

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