Thursday, April 30, 2015

First Mama's and Adoptive Parents...

This weekend, I have the HUGE honor of speaking to an amazing group of First Mamas at the BirthMom Buds Retreat! I am SO excited for this opportunity and my prayer is that Jesus allows me to speak truth and encouragement into their lives... 

And I could use your help :-)

Are you a First Mama?

What do you need to hear from your baby's adoptive mama? If you could sit down with her, what would you ask her? What words, if there are any, would make your heart happy? What do you want HER to know?

Or maybe you're an adoptive parent...

What do you want your baby's First Mama to know?! When you look at that precious face every day, do you think about her? What do you need her to hear from YOUR mama heart?

Please help me, friends... share your heart with me... tell me the most precious words that maybe you can't even say! I want your feedback so badly, no matter what phase of life you're in so everyone who gives me feedback will be entered to win a fun giveaway from me :-)

Leave a comment below, on Facebook, or email me (OnLoanFromHeaven at yahoo dot com)... I can't wait to share with you after this weekend!

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  1. Thanks for coming to speak to us at the retreat! You really touched my heart in a very good way.


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