Thursday, June 1, 2017

URGENT- Baby Z Needs A Family


Baby Z

* This is a SPECIAL NEEDS placement... I have done my best to start this research for you and have linked to most pertinent information within this post, however Baby Boy's needs are extensive and much will remain unknown until he is older and has a chance to 'prove' himself; PLEASE do your own research before inquiring about him. Educate yourself... no one has time to do it for you ;-)

* If you do not have a CURRENT, VALID HOME STUDY, and are NOT ready to travel quickly, DO NOT INQUIRE about this situation.

* I will filter all inquiries about Baby Z. If your INITIAL EMAIL does NOT include your attached, valid, and special needs-approved Home Study AND a PDF of your profile, your email will NOT be returned.  Current and redacted records for Baby Z will be available to any email containing all of the requested information... it will be the responsibility of the Home Study approved family to consult with practitioners and specialists regarding information contained in Baby Z's records. Specific information about Baby Z's location, name, or photos will not be shared until his FOREVER FAMILY is in place from a legal standpoint.

Got it?!? Good. 

NOW... let me introduce you to a little man who has my entire heart. He is already a life-changer... a world-changer.

All of the following information is based on Baby Z's medical records provided to us by his physicians;

* Based on the information we have, Baby Z was a full-term 38 week Hispanic male baby who is now 3 weeks old and is in North Carolina. He was 5 pounds 11 ounces at birth and has gained about 2 pounds since birth.

* Baby Z's initial apgar scores were 7 & 9.

* Baby Z exhibited poor feeding skills (poor suck) and dysmorphic features (low-set ears, wide spaced eyes, flattened nasal bridge, rocker bottom feet), which led his Care Team to transfer him from the infant nursery to the NICU.

* A second examination of Baby Z's physical features was performed at 4 days old and the practitioner noted no dysmorphic features other than slightly posteriorly located but normally formed ears and slight rocker bottom feet.

* A full Macro Genetic panel was completed after birth and all Macro results were NORMAL for a typical XY male. Micro Genetic testing was also done and those results are still pending. These could take another 3 weeks to arrive and he will need a family before then.

* An MRI of Baby Z's brain was done at 3 days old and showed an Absent Septum Pellucidum, Hypoplastic Corpus Callosum, Hypomyelination, and a premature-looking Cortical Brain Convolution. The Cerebellum looked small and there is a cyctic dilation of the posterior fossa with a possible vermis hypoplasia, and small volume intraventricular hemorrhage without hydrocephalus. Baby Z's radiologist noted that the abnormalities in his MRI indicate possible neurological complications, including seizures, learning disabilities, speech delays, and feeding challenges. A follow-up brain MRI will be suggested at 6 months of age to gauge the growth of the brain and confirm original results or determine any changes.

* So far, his heart ultra-sound showed a healthy heart.

* A Physical Therapy consult showed age-appropriate reflexes.

* So far, his ophthalmology consult as well as the brain MRI showed a healthy optic nerve, indicating healthy vision.

* After working with Speech/ Feeding Therapists and his GI doctor, Baby Z's team decided that it would be most beneficial for Baby Z to have a temporary PEG Gastronomy Tube so he could move forward and find his Forever Family outside of the hospital setting. This tube was recently placed in hopes that Baby Z's family will find him soon and be able to take him home quickly where they can work diligently with him and his therapists on his feeding so his mouth muscles get stronger and the tube can be removed.

* MUCH of Baby Z's future is unknown... not unlike any of ours. He will need as much love and attention as any child and he will surely thrive with a family who is dedicated to helping him reach his potential. This little guy will show us who he is as he grows and his family will need to say YES to loving him regardless of those unknowns.

* Fees; $21,000  (these fees include agency fees and NC attorney fees. They do not include post placement visits in the families home state or finalization)

* Baby Z's First Mom had a very specific plan in place for her son. She is determined to see him with a family who can provide for him, invest in him, and love him as he grows! She does not want contact with Baby Z's Forever Family, at this time but has asked for us to inform her when he is settled in his forever family.

FOR INTERESTED AND QUALIFIED FAMILIES;  A PDF of  a state approved Home Study and a PDF of a potential Adoptive Families profile should be emailed to . Your initial email should include a PDF of your special needs approved Home Study and a PDF of your adoption profile as well as the following information;

* Names

* Primary contact info, including email address, home address, and phone numbers

* State of Residence

* Date Home Study Expires

* Reasons for considering a special needs placement

 Any email received that does not contain all of the above WILL NOT BE RESPONDED TO. Any qualified email will be responded to; response will include a redacted copy of Baby Z's records for your practitioner and/or specialist's review. The hospital has expressed that Baby Z will be ready for discharge within 2 weeks (if not sooner) and a family should be prepared to give their full YES and be ready to travel within that time period upon agency and attorney approval. 

In short; This sweet little man is a Leap of Faith, as many of our precious babies have been. We've managed to unite them ALL with their Forever Families and I know we can do it again.
If you believe you could be the family this sweet little man has been waiting for, please email as soon as possible with all required information!

And if not... you will do him a enormous favor by simply clicking 'share'... as many times as it takes. And pray. Please pray for this precious life. I know firsthand that these sweet babies... some of God's more precious creations... grow and change and prove themselves best when they're nurtured and loved the way God nurtures and loves all of us. YOU can be that person who leads him to his FOREVER.

Consider... Pray... Share.

That's it.

Let's change some lives, friends.

* This is a placement through Colores Adoptions; a licensed agency that Baby Z's First Mama trusted to help her fulfill her wishes for her baby boy. If you or someone you know is considering adoption for a child or wanting to know more about growing a family through adoption, please email * 


  1. I am currently a foster parent and are looking to adopt. I recently have 2 children. He will be adopted by june. He too has special needs. I also have a baby girl that i received when she was 3 months and weighed 9 pounds. She was hospitalized for starvation. Now she's 2 and healthy and where dhe needs to be on thr growth chart. My nsme is lisa and tony darnall

  2. We are currently foster parents. Looking to adopt. We have a 2 year little boy with special needs. We also have a little girl that was hopitalized for starvation. She is 2 years old and heathy. And perfect on her growth chart. We would be interested in baby Z. Thank you

    1. Hi Lisa! Please email !!

    2. Lindsay, I emailed you as well. We are homestudy approved and ready to travel. We'd like to understand this little man's needs a bit more !

  3. My friend just share this post a few minutes ago and im in shock. First must read the post and saw the first pic of Baby Z (half face) I can't believe how much he looks like my daughter. When I went to read the whole thing from the block I couldn't believe how much similarities he has to my baby. It look us 4 months after her birthday to get a diagnosis. If there is someone who I can talk to about this please let me know. I think could be very helpful info for the health and wellness of this sweet baby boy!!!
    Thank you and God bless you for the amazing job you guys do!!!

    1. Hi Damaris! Please email the address above

  4. We have an international special needs home study- does that qualify?

  5. Has the baby been exposed and/or tested for Zika virus? His brain findings sound similar to some cases I'm familiar with.

  6. He is so precious!! He has very similar health conditions as my son with Chiari Malformation, and hydrocephalus. He has the same small cerebellum and also has the same issues with his feedings. This little one has tons of potential! If I had my home study done I would take him right now! <3 Hoping he finds a home asap!!!


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