Thursday, August 10, 2017

ONFH Babies!

On Loan From Heaven and all of our readers have been entrusted with the incredible honor of finding families for dozens of special babies over the years.... AND we have found a family for EVERY SINGLE ONE!!! It is our honor and privilege to watch these babies grow and see the dreams their First Mama's had for them being fulfilled through the faith of our readers and theses babies' Forever Families! 

It is an honor to introduce you to On Loan From Heaven's most precious babies!!!

Sweet Baby Wyatt's family got to him as quickly as they could upon learning that they were HIS FOREVER FAMILY!! This precious boy has thrived with the support and love from his brothers, sisters, and Mommy and Daddy and is reaching far beyond what was 'expected' of him not long ago. Please visit Wyatt's mommy's Usborne Books Page to see how you can support them as they navigate his medical needs and the continued growth of their family! 

Baby Z's story will have to speak for itself.... please please read his amazing miracle-story here. This sweet little fighter became a piece of my (Lindsay's) heart and his Mommy quickly stole another small part! It was a joy to walk through this season with such a precious boy and his family! Please visit Baby Z's Mommy's page to watch him grow!

Sweet Baby 'AZ' was diagnosed with Down Syndrome at birth and when we set out to find his Forever Family, YOU did not disappoint!!! Sweet Corbin's Forever Family was by his side within 24 hours and while they are absolutely smitten, HE has proven that health only grows with love. While still tiny, this fighter is growing leaps and bounds! 

*** If your family has grown through a post on our page, please email ! We'd love to feature you and any page you'd like us to support! **

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