Thursday, June 6, 2019

We all share the same sun... but not the same sunset

I watched this man do his (seemingly super strange) ‘exercises’ for over an hour while we were at dinner one night last year in Florida. I've watched this video so many times since that trip and I've replayed our conversation in my head... He never stopped moving his arms, but once in a while he would let his hips in the action too.... he struck me as so funny at the time! 

After dinner, Joey got the check and I walked across the street to get a photo of the killer sunset before it was gone (it was incredible!!!!) and he said ‘hi’ so I said ‘hi’ back.... and it hit me that I had watched this man do over an hour of more ‘exercise’ than I had done (or am now allowed to do) in weeks and so I told him so! His reply stopped me in my tracks- 

“I drove an hour to get here, to this spot... to watch this sunset. It’s the best one around even though we all share the same sunset- it does matter where you are and where you look.’ 


So I said.... ‘you seem insightful so I’m going to ask you- why these motions? Why this place? Why the sunset?’ 

His reply- 

‘I had a massive heart attack not long ago- I’m not supposed to be here. At this place. Right now. My doctor gave me movements to do and told me to do them in a place that makes me happy, so here I am- it may be a drive but I’m alive and I’m moving and I’m happy! I don’t know if I’ll make it to tomorrow so I’ll do 20 more than my count tonight for good measure.’ 

I asked him if he knew Jesus. 

He said ‘I’m here, aren’t I?’ 

And he smiled at me in the moonlight. 

I told him he was a blessing to me- I told him that I’m learning so much about life right now and that I’m thankful for his- I’m thankful I met him. 

He said ‘I’ll be praying for you- for many sunsets to come.’ 

Guys- we don’t know people’s stories unless we ask but man, it’s so easy to judge. I sure did. He looked like a beach loon! 

But also- none of us should be here. He taught me so much- SEE people, value them, count your every movement... and do a few more than you're supposed to... listen to the people who love you, go where you’ll be happy, and never be afraid to be you- even if you look like a loon. Live. 

God gave you this life. Live it for Him and you will truly live.

It took me a year to be able to reformat, load and share this video with you... I'm trusting in His timing; for both of us!

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