Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Graduation, Sweet Boy!

Friends, we have had SUCH a great week!!
Hunter's DocBand graduation could not have been better..... this boy's head looks amazing :-)
We took one last DocBand photo before his last set of digital images was taken...
(Ready for his pictures!)
Are you ready?!?!?



Daddy was even able to make it to graduation and he got the very first round-headed snuggles....

Hunter received his DocBand diploma and we will proudly display this symbol of his growth and development with his Apnea certificate!

AND.... to celebrate this special day, we had a fun dinner at Outback (Hannah's favorite restaurant ;-)) with Tata (my daddy)....

And then we headed over to Build A Bear so we could make a special friend who can wear Hunter's DocBand forever...

And Sis got a special friend, too of course....

She bathed them...

And she named them.... Rapunzel Hannah Smith and DocBand Monkey Smith ;-)

YAY!!!! I DID IT!!!!

** I have a few great posts coming up..... a HUGE prayer request for a friend, a HUGE prayer request for Hunter, and another HUGE milestone to share ;-) **


  1. Oh my, he's perfect! You are a beautiful family! I love that his monkey wears a U.S. Army uniform because what could be a better symbol for your brave little fighter! Kiss and snuggle that sweet head for me! :-)

  2. Such great news! He has such a sweet smile!

  3. He looks so happy and healthy! Yay:-) What a cutie!


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