Monday, May 27, 2013

One Must Breathe... In Order to Hear

We've been quiet lately...
and Satan has been at work.
Our sweet boy has had one heck of a month.
Yesterday morning we celebrated Hunter's ONE YEAR home-coming anniversary with some yummy Dunkin' Donuts....
We spent last night back at the scene of the crime...
We spent one looooooooooonnnnnnnngggggggg night in the hospital, desperately trying to help our sweet boy control his breathing.
He just couldn't stand celebrating his home-coming anywhere but... there :-/
Hunter has asthma.
That's not news to anyone.
We've called for the help of 911. We've rushed to the ER. We've screamed and yelled and fought tooth and nail to be sure that our son is safe and cared for and.... breathing.
Breathing has always been a 'hurdle' for him and it's one we will continue to overcome time and time again.....
But so has hearing.
So last night we spent the night at the hospital, terrified that somehow, someway Satan was going to find a way to cancel the appointment we've been waiting for....
the one that's tomorrow morning at 9am...
the one where we will walk out a large set of double doors with a very tiny set of hearing aids.
He tried really really really hard to cancel that appointment.
But he didn't.
Do you wanna know something?!
In every situation, in every single terrifying and seemingly impossible situation we've been faced with in the past year...
Satan has never... not even once... not even HALF of once, has he won.
He'll never win.
At 10:30am this morning, our sweet little girl... against many 'professional opinions', but in line with the opinions of those who know him best (Us :-))... was reunited with her completely exhausted, still-somewhat-breathing-challenged baby brother....
Sometimes.... just sometimes.... a big sister is better medicine than any concoction of ingredients could ever be.
And tomorrow?!
Tomorrow will come....
And exactly 12 hours from now, our long-lasting countdown will finally come to an end.
Our sweet boy will hear.
The sound of running water when I get him ready for his bath.
The sound of the sprinklers when his Daddy takes him outside to grill dinner.
The sound of himself chewing.
The sound of his Mommy quietly singing him to sleep.
The sound of his sister praying the most beautiful prayers a 4 year old could possible pray.
The sound of the daily noise that we all take for granted.
Sounds he has never heard.
Our sweet boy....
He will hear.
I can't tell you what it feels like for a Mama and Daddy's heart the night before their son will hear...
So many sounds... so much quiet... so much uncertainty and insecurity.
Tomorrow. 9am.
Satan lost this one, too.
You've waited with us, too... you've prayed and you've encouraged us and we can't wait to share that moment with you....
He will hear.
(Hopefully, he'll be breathing well, too ;-))

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  1. I will be waiting patiently to read your wonderful, beautiful thoughts about Hunter's first moments of hearing! You are a great Mom, Lindsay.



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