Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in pictures!

What in the world happened to this year? Where did it go?  What in the world did we DO for 12 months?!?! :-)

We thought we would hi-lite yet another memorable year in pictures... In no particular order...

We had so much fun with far-away cousins... who all suck their thumb or have a paci :-) 

We wore paper hats...

Love from Nee & Tata!

Licked the spoon with belly hanging out... the ONLY way to properly lick the spoon.

 Second birthdays!!
 Lion bouncy houses!
 Learned to "smile" on command!
Wore bowl hats...

Wore shrugs without a shirt underneath... NOT the way to properly wear a shrug if you're over the age of 3, FYI :-)

Loved on Daddy

Swam with Mommy

 Love from Mommy and Daddy
More FUN cousins came to visit!

 Wore show-girl sunglasses... and wore them well!
FUN visit from Ghee!

 Loved on Bentley...
 Took out the trash with Daddy... in style!
Mommy and Daddy loved each other, too :-)
Wore more paper hats...
Wore tutu's... and made monkey faces
Played in the new ball pit with Daddy!
Sang "Happy Birthday" to Jesus!

Ok Ok... so we like paper hats...

Ate cupcakes... Funfetti, to be exact. YUM!
"Cleaned the kitchen" ...with milk...

Wore our sunglasses up-side-down
Wore Zebra masks...

 Went to Costco with friends... and shared a shopping cart!
Loved each other!!

 Loved my Mom!
 Wore furry boots and sunglasses...
Dear 2010~
We loved you so much... but there's a huge possibility that we'll love 2011 even more!! BRING IT ON!!

Joey, Lindsay & Hannah


  1. Happy New Year y'all! Praying BIG things for you in 2011!!!!

  2. Oh my goodness, I LOVE that last photo! Hey, did y'all get those paper hats from the little "firecracker" things? My mother-in-law loves to bring those out at Easter and Christmas. :) Thanks for visiting my blog and for your sweet comments! I will be watching yours for some good news in 2011!!

  3. Thanks Jenny!!

    YES, we call them "poppers"... because well, they pop :-) (We're so creative haha). We pull them out with just about any excuse. I can't even remember the toys we've gotten out of them but the hats and the jokes always stick around for a while... we LOVE poppers!

  4. I love the pictures! I pray that 2011 brings great things for all of us!

  5. love the pictures!!! she's getting so BIG~

  6. Cutest post ever! Hannah is going to be a great big sis!


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