Thursday, December 23, 2010

Will You Like Us, Pretty Please?

Hi Friends!

We have been truly humbled by the response we've gotten to our Facebook page. Our goal in starting the page is to simply spread the word as far as possible about our desire to adopt. We have already received emails and Facebook messages from attorney's, nurses, agencies, and friends of friends who want to know how they can help! It's been so exciting!

We only need 15 more 'likers' on our page to reach 200... can you believe it?? Have you 'liked' us yet? Would you consider helping us spread the word?  We think it would be fun to reach our 200 mark before 2011. If we do, we're considering doing a giveaway that includes the people who follow our blog and 'like' our page... what'd you think? Just as a small way to thank all of you who are supporting us in prayer and by word of mouth... we're so exciting that you're all along for this journey!

Also, feel free to join the discussions on our page, too! We know that some people are weary of using Facebook to spread the word but we're also convinced that our responsibility is to utilize every possible resource that is available to us and leave the rest up to God.... plus, it's just a really exciting thing to see how many people, lots we know and lots we don't, are rallying to support and encourage us.

Do you have a blog or Facebook page that we can follow or 'like' to help you spread news of your journey, too? Let us know... we'll do all we can to help!

Adopting Baby Smith Number 2

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