Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Out of the Mouths of Babes...

The past few weeks have been full of humorous-Hannah... she cracks us up on a daily basis! I never, ever want to forget the funny things she says so I thought I'd start documenting those moments... especially since it looks like the baby book is never going to be finished ;-)

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes....

Me: "Hannah, what would you like for lunch today?"
Hannah: "A burger and a diet coke."

I put Hannah to bed one night. I kissed her good-night and she said, "Ni-night Mommy. Go downstairs with Daddy now."

Me: "Hannah, we have to put our shoes on so we can go to the store."
Hannah: "We NEED ice cream!!!"

Hannah: "What are you doing, Mama?"
Me: "I'm shucking corn for dinner."
Hannah: "Oh Mama! I LOVE corn!"

In the next breath:

Hannah: "I need a funfetti cupcake, Mama!"


Hannah: "Daddy, you're a super-chunk!"


Hannah: "Dee-o (Bentley, our dog), you're so CRAZY!"


Me: "Hannah, our pacifiers are all gone! You're a big girl now so we won't have a pacifier for nap-time today."
Hannah: "Let's just go to the store for a new one, Mommy!"


Me: "Hannah, when you make a mess you need to clean it up."
Hannah: "Oh, I'm sorry Mommy. You clean up please, I'll go watch Dora."


Every morning when I get Hannah from her room she says,
"Good morning, beautiful Mommy!"


She's the love of our lives... and she's growing up way.too.fast!

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