Friday, August 26, 2011

I Blame It ALL On Adam & Eve....

Our baby-girl has Pneumonia. In the middle of Summer. For the second time... that we know of (I'm FULLY convinced that she's had it many times and it went undiagnosed and ended up disguised by antibiotics...).

She had a cough on Tuesday. That's it; A dry cough. No runny nose, no wheezing, no fever. Just a cough.

She took a nap on Wednesday and woke up covered in throw up (sorry :-( ), and with a RAGING 105.1 temp.

One. Oh. Five. Point. One.

Do you know what that looks like on a thermometer? It's AWFUL! Absolutely awful :-(

We put her in a cool bath and watched her for a while. When it was clear that her temp wasn't budging, we went to Urgent Care. Thankfully, the one closest to us is open until 8pm... we got there at 7:45. They took her back immediately, hooked her up to oxygen monitors, pricked her finger to get a while blood count, and off we went for a chest x-ray.... she's a trooper! SUCH a big girl! We didn't leave Urgent Care until 10:15pm... did I mention that they closed at 8pm? That's right... every single staff member stayed THAT late just for us. They were amazing! They even brought stickers to help us pass the time....

(Daddy loved the stickers ;-))

Hannah had coin-size spots of Pneumonia in both of her lungs... and it wasn't even noticeable when the Doctor listened to her chest. You have no idea how much that scares me! We are SO thankful for a smart doctor who wasn't willing to risk anything with Hannah's health and went ahead with an x-ray even though she didn't hear anything.... so so thankful!

Baby-girl got a (PAINFUL!) shot of Rocephin and went home with antibiotics, new nebulizer solution (yep, we're already proud owners of a nebulizer), a princess bandaid on her finger, and a red crayon bandaid on her leg. By 11pm she had an ice-pack on her leg, the nebulizer going, and Dora on TV... of course :-)

On our way up for bed, Hannah limped ahead of me and when she got to the bottom of the stairs (Daddy had already gone up), she yelled, "JOEY! JOEY!" When he came to the bottom of the stairs she said, "Hi Daddy! My weg hurts.... carry me, pwease?"

And he did :-)

Hannah has slept with us the past few nights so we can monitor her breathing and her increasingly nasty cough. The night we came home, we all piled into our bed and Bentley (our dog) had a lot of trouble settling down. He would pace around the bed, whine at Joey, and then come over and whine at me. Joey took him downstairs and let him out but when they came back upstairs he continued to whine and pace. All of a sudden he jumped up on our bed (it's about 4 feet off the ground and he's not allowed on it) and before we knew it, he was covering Hannah's face with kisses! He was SO worried about her and this is where he slept all night....

right on Hannah's legs :-)

We took Hannah in for a re-check today and she's having trouble kicking this Pneumonia. Her lungs are still crackling so we're in for a low-key, relaxing weekend and another re-check with new x-rays on Monday. Even though she feels (and sounds) yucky, a surprise Edible Arrangement from her grand-parents, a new princess crown, and lots of TLC from Mommy and Daddy (and Bentley!) have earned us a few of those smiles we love so much!

I hate when my baby is sick! As much as I hate it, I am reminded so often of how blessed we are for her overall health and of how many precious babies aren't so healthy... I'm praying for all of them (and their mommy's and daddy's) tonight!

Even so... I blame it all on Adam & Eve. Thanks a lot, guys ... I hope it was a yummy apple.


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  1. Bless her! I know that was scary. It would be for me! Hope she kicks the pneumonia very soon.


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