Thursday, September 15, 2011

'It Just Wasn't God's Plan...."

"It just wasn't God's plan."

God spoke to me a couple weekends ago. I mean, loud and clear, I heard His voice in my heart for the first time in a long time. He told me to do something....

And I wanted to. With everything in my heart, I wanted to.

But I didn't.

I let other people's thoughts and feelings change what I KNEW and HEARD in my heart.... so even though I listened and heard, I didn't obey.

It didn't take long for me to realize that what I did was ignore and disobey.

I have beat myself up for almost 2 weeks... I regret not obeying, I'm angry that I let other people claim to be more 'realistic' and 'factual' and led me to believe that I was being 'emotional'. And when I finally got around to explaining my disobedience and how bad I felt, this is what I got...

"It just wasn't God's plan. We did all we could. He has a better plan."

But then why does God talk about disobedience in His Word? Why was the term created?

BECAUSE... WE HAVE THE CHOICE TO OBEY OR DISOBEY. We can listen or ignore. We can act or stand by and wait and watch. We can GO or we can STAY.

I disobeyed, and I ignored, and I stood by and waited and watched, and I stayed.

I think too many times, us as Christians use this phrase as an excuse. Of course we have the best intentions... of course. But we still have choices... God gave us choices. And the truth is, we have the freedom to make the WRONG choices.... and that's what I did. I make the wrong choice.

I believe fully in God's ultimate plan for our lives. I trust that His plan is far greater than my own (even though my own is pretty darn good ;-)).

BUT... there's always a 'but'... I also believe that we can miss opportunities and choose to ignore His voice, His prodding.

Wanna know something funny?

My Daddy is my hero. I love him more than I can even explain. He's my Daddy. If my Daddy tells me to do something... I do it. No if's, and's, or but's. If he tells me how he feels about something, I consider, and I pray, and I process, and I take it seriously. He's my Daddy!

But I have a Heavenly Father, too. HE told me to do something a couple weeks ago and I all I did was give him my if's, and's, or but's.

How do you reconcile between what we know... "God's plan is better than our own. This just wasn't His plan for us"... and what we CHOOSE to ignore.

It's disobedience. I disobeyed. I regret it.

I also know that His plan will reign supreme... no matter if I choose to obey or disobey.

I learned a lesson in the past 2 weeks.... listening and obeying (no matter the backlash from those around you) is NEVER something you will regret. Even if things don't turn out the way you planned, you will never regret listening and obeying.

I want us all to stop using "It just wasn't God's plan" as an excuse. Sometimes it's true and sometimes it's a nice way of saying "I heard you and I chose to disobey you, God. I'm sorry."

(Man, that's tough to say.)

The thing is... everything would have changed if I had only obeyed. Whether the plan came to fruition or the doors closed and we knew for sure that we had done everything we could... everything would have changed.

There's no excuse for disobeying God's voice. Lesson learned.

The hard way :-/

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