Monday, April 2, 2012

Please Pray...

A while back I asked you to pray for this family...

They brought their newborn baby-girl home through adoption and then lost her when she was 2.5 years old.
I was tempted to say 'lost her to her birth-father' but I know that in most circumstances, that isn't nice or acceptable... in this case, they lost her to her birth-father.

This family's husband went running on Sunday morning with some friends and collapsed. He's now in ICU with massive swelling in his brain after a stroke. There's little the doctors can do (after 2 surgeries already) except give him some meds, induce hypothermia.... and pray for a miracle.

This man, this daddy and husband who has been through what we would consider hell... I know he's in danger and I know he needs prayer but the thing is... he doesn't know what's going on. Yes he needs prayer, too but he doesn't feel anything and he isn't aware of how dire his circumstances are while God is working in this situation ....

but his wife?

She knows. She's been through the same hell and she's living it again... they lost their daughter.... but they have another one, too; a younger one. And THAT baby girl lost her sister... and now?

They're faced with the reality that they might lost their husband and daddy.

I don't have to ask you ...

This family needs prayer, friends.

Please pray and please ask those you know to pray.

God doesn't give us more than we can handle ...

but how can one family be expected to 'handle' this on top of all that this past year has taken away from them?

Please pray.

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