Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Chicken Soup for Soul of the Mama Whose Child Has Special Needs

Have you ever read a Chicken Soup book?
Some of my very favorite books are Chicken Soup for the Soul books;
~ Chicken Soup for the Pre-Teen's Soul
~ Chicken Soup for the Teenager's Soul (I, II, III, & IV)
~ Chicken Soup for the Teacher's Soul
~ Chicken Soup for the Soul; Love Stories
.... And the list goes on and on (Cat Lover's Soul, Dog Lover's Soul, Nurses Soul...)
I haven't come across a Chicken Soup book in such a long time but just before Christmas I found a series of mini Soup books, called A Taste of Chicken Soup.... I bought; for the Mother's Soul, for the Father's Soul, for the Grand-parents Soul, for the Couple's Soul, and for the Praying Woman's Soul for many many members of our family as tiny additions to their other Christmas gifts. I was SO excited to find them but wasn't sure if anyone else would be as excited to get them.... I pretty much thought they'd end up on a shelf somewhere.
I was so wrong! Each family member was genuinely excited when they opened their books (everyone got 2) and I quickly realized that.... I didn't buy MYSELF ONE!
I'm going back tomorrow ;-)
The encouragement you have all given me over the past few days (since this post) has meant more to me than you will ever know. We've had some rough days and weeks as we continue to learn how to navigate the 'Special Needs' and preemie world. We know that there is a seriously amazing plan for Hunter's life and since it starts with us, we'll do everything we can to be his voice and fight for the very best for him....

More often than not, it's exciting and joyous and exhilarating to watch how God is growing and shaping our son into the boy and man he wants him to be!
and sometimes it's exhausting and frustrating and scary.
But... This week, I've been scared.
I want everyone to know that Hunter is doing so unbelievably well! He is working so hard to make up for his 10 weeks of lost time. We're ALL working hard. As with any preemie, there are unknowns in Hunter's future... but today, he is growing, smiling, laughing, changing every day, and is BREATHING ;-)
I spend 24 hours a day (most days) with him and I know my son better than anyone (my husband is the closest second!).
And since I know him better than anyone, I fight for him harder than anyone.
And I am harder on myself than anyone.
I've been hard on myself this week....
but this fight is not about me. It's about our son.
My mom sent me a series of emails today... each email contained a picture of a page in her Chicken Soup for the Mother's Soul book. She's been reading her book each day and today's reading brought her to tears.... and it brought me to my knees. She knew I needed to read this story.... it renewed my strength and determination to fight for our son.
I could copy and paste this story from the Internet but I love how urgently my mom wanted me to read this story.... and I want you to read it that way, too.

One of the most profound and inspiring stories I have ever read.... and God knew that my Mama needed to read it so I could read it, too. His timing is always perfect and He once again, brought me to my knees....
 Fight for your children, Moms.... fight for your instincts; you know that baby better than anyone!  Each of our children has an amazing future ahead of them, 'special needs' or not. YOU are the beginning of their story. You have an opportunity right now to ensure that one day, when your child tells his or her story, they have the very strongest start it could possibly have because it started with you.

Fight hard and never apologize for it.

** I just ordered Chicken Soup for the Soul; Children With Special Needs; Stories of Love and Understanding for Those Who Care for Children With Disabilities.... and I'm getting in bed right now to start reading! I'm sure I'll have something from it to share with you soon ;-) **

(I have linked to a few sites within my post where you can find various Chicken Soup books. I am not endorsed by any site listed... I just know how encouraging these books can be for anyone, at any stage in their life :-))


  1. I truly wish some day I am able to read your blog without crying and having to blow my nose over and over. I feel blessed to be able to read a blog from a mother that fights for her child with the same furiousity as I do for their children. I am glad hunter is doing well. I have faith he will accomplish his milestones.

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