Monday, January 14, 2013

How To 'Do' Infertility and Adoption.... the Series!

I'm not sure if it's tax return time, or bonuses, or promotions, or just the start of a new year but I have gotten SO many emails and messages from readers asking adoption &/or infertility questions....
And those are my very favorite subjects to talk about ;-)
"How did you know when it was time to talk to a Reproductive Endocrinologist?"
"How did you and your husband make decisions about IUI and IVF versus adoption?"
"How did you know it was the right time to start the adoption process?"
"How do we even start the adoption process?"
"How long does a Home Study take?"
"How do you put together a family profile?"
"How did you choose an agency?"
"How long did you wait?"
I've gotten every one of those and many more in the past few weeks, alone!
There is nothing I enjoy more than to look back and remember our journey.... I try to relive it every day in my mind because hind-sight is always 20/20 ;-)
Plus... I'm an open book.
Have you noticed?!
This is the start of a series that will go through the 'How To's" of navigating through infertility and adoption...
You have to do some work for this series;

~ I need your input.... what topics would you like to discuss?
~ Anonymous comments are permitted so every question can be asked without hesitation or fear of judgement.
~Even if you have no personal experience with either topic but you'd just like to understand and know more.... ask!
~ If you're the parent who is going to become a grandparent through adoption.... I might not be able to answer your questions myself but I know LOTS of 'adoptive' grammas who can!
~ Maybe you're an adoptee and just want to know how we plan to navigate those topics as our kids get older.
 Now it's your turn...

~ email your questions to me at
~ leave a comment here or on Facebook (Anonymous is ok ;-))

**I haven't forgotten the rest of Hunter's story... I do promise it's coming but this Mama has been a little overwhelmed lately :-/ It's worth the wait! BUT... if you haven't read Joey's post (part I), do it now! **


  1. When and how did you talk to Hannah about being adopted (if you've had these talks yet)? Thanks! I love reading this journey!

  2. I might stumble in a wrong blog, but i was directed here while i a searching for blog that tackles about loan. Nice blog anyways. :)


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