Sunday, December 15, 2013

Baby K update and our new video!

I continue to be amazed by the overwhelming response to Baby K's story... the dedication you all have had in finding her family has been truly remarkable!
I have to apologize to so many of you ... I've received dozens of messages and emails asking for an update on sweet Baby K and I haven't responded to one of them :-/ I'm so sorry! But this was because I had no update to give you... 
When an adoption situation crosses my path, I put lots of effort into verifying the details and confirming policies, etc about the representing agency or attorney. I'm super picky about the situations I put in front of you.... I KNOW your passion for these kids and I KNOW that God uses you to move mountains on their behalf so it's never my intention to mislead or misrepresent anyone! I take it very seriously.
I did my research on Baby K's agency and even spoke to the woman who was primarily responsible for finding her family... she and I were in contact with each other as your emails poured into her inbox! When the number of inquiries about Baby K reached over 500 she asked me to remove Baby K's story so she had time to catch up on follow-ups for the inquiries she had already received. I did so right away and she promised that she would keep me posted as they continued searching for a family... and she promised to let me know if they needed any more help.
Long story short... she never followed-up.
And that's where I get pretty ticked off... for you AND for me.
I spent the majority of last week emailing, calling and texting the agency to get some sort of update on Baby K. We all need to understand that privacy is the main concern in adoption situations... Baby K's story had travelled SO far, her picture had been posted everywhere, and the agency had to be careful to protect this sweet girl AND her family. HOWEVER, the response I finally got last Friday was NOT good enough for me...
"We can't disclose any information.'
ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! People's lives have been forever changed by Baby K's story... hearts became aware of special needs adoption, of adoption in general as an option for their family, and I didn't accept that as an adequate answer. So I pushed... hard. Is she ok?! ALIVE?! Does she have a family? Was it one of the 90,000 people who visited this blog ALONE over those 2 days?! These people deserve a little better than that!
And here's what I got...
'Baby K is alive and doing very well."
And that, my friends has to be enough.
Needless to say, I won't be posting any more situations from that particular agency. And please, just know how much you helped... how many lives have been changed... and that 'our' sweet girl is alive and well :-)
On another note...
I'm SO excited to share our new 'intro' video with you!! My brother has an amazing talent for photography and film... he has done incredible videos for PT schools, churches, and has recently been asked to complete a film for a local refugee ministry! SO... when he asked me if I wanted a video just for On Loan From Heaven, I couldn't wait to get started! AND... I couldn't love it more!

To watch an amazing video about our Fighter, Hunter, head over here. To see more of Eric's talent for capturing life, or if you'd like to contact him about a project that's on your mind, head over here  or email ericchole (at) me (dot) com!


  1. Glad Baby K is doing well. I know her story changed our family. Sorry to hear how hard it was to work with that agency.

    1. Thanks, Amy... I just hope she's happy :-) I love knowing that her story touched you... I'd love to know more if you'd like to share!


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