Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Give the freaking Elf a break!

Do you know someone who's faith in the human race and belief in all things good was shattered when they realized that there really is no Santa?
Probably not.
Have you ever met someone who never spoke to their parents again when they finally told them who the real Santa is?
I didn't think so.
Does your 5 year old daughter believe that Cinderella and Ariel and Jasmine live at Disney World?
I'd guess that she does,
Does your son think that Superman saves kittens and stops trains?
He does.
So why is everyone giving the Elf so much flack?!
My news feed is full of people who are 'confused' by the hype surrounding the Elf... who put other parents on the naughty list when their Elf tee-pee's the Christmas tree or repels from the doorbell.
Whether you facilitate and encourage your child's belief in Santa or not.... whether your Elf reads the Bible or ate the last cookie... or if Cinderella lives in a computer or Superman is just a man in a cape...
Did you believe in Santa when you were little? How'd you turn out?
Did you think that Belle was the most beautiful girl in the whole world? How'd you turn out?
Did Superman follow your airplane to Gramma's house? How are you doing after that?
I am disgusted lately that the biggest argument in a season of joy and family and BELIEVING is whether or not the belief in Santa is healthy or why an Elf would get into a little trouble (I do, however agree with those who think he's slightly creepy looking...).
So annoying.
My kids believe in Santa... it's from their belief in Santa that they learned how to say 'ho ho ho' when they were babies and it's him who first introduced them to candy canes and started their little minds to thinking about cause and effect... naughty vs. nice. Santa works at the North Pole in the Winter but he spends his summer in Heaven with Jesus and our angel baby. He and Kazaar (yes... we believe in the Elf, too) meet at McDonalds and chat about the week's happenings... over a McFlurry. For a few short weeks out of the year, we don't have to take privileges away... because Kazaar is watching... so we all get dessert, everyone gets to watch the Christmas show before bed, friends come over to play when plans are made... and that's just good enough! We get to watch our kids' faces light up when Kazaar gets into a little trouble... no one is perfect, after all!! (And... Elf's get bored when we're not home!)
I don't care if your kids believe in Santa or not.... they'll be fine either way. 
I don't care if you have an Elf or not.... they'll be fine either way.
But we have chosen to allow our kids a few short years of a little extra what? It doesn't really matter, does it?!
In the world they will grow up in... whether they believe in Santa or not.... they sadly face a lifetime of more significant disappointments; people aren't always good or nice... not everyone believes in Jesus like we do... people die... not everyone is going to go to Heaven... the Bible doesn't tell us what happens to our pets when they die...
We have chosen to allow our kids the opportunity to believe in Santa and Kazaar.... it won't last forever... their lives won't end when Santa and Kazaar turn into Mom and Dad....

and  they'll always know what Christmas is truly about, because we're the one's who are responsible for that....
And we've chosen to give them a lifetime of memories.... waiting in line to meet Santa.... sitting at the top of the stairs while mom and dad take a painfully long time to brush their teeth so they can run downstairs and see what Santa brought them... anticipating the surprise when Kazaar took flight while they were sleeping and landed himself in a new spot...
We made that choice.
You made your's.
Don't judge me and I won't judge you....
(though our Elf might... ;-))

But please, give the freaking Elf a break!

And just to tick off a few of you 'Elf Critics' even more, I thought I'd share with you what our Jesus-believing, Santa-serving, church-going, love-and-logic practicing, away-in-the-manger, tree-tee-peeing Elf gets into when the babies go to bed...

When the babies are away, the Elf will play (courtesy of said-babies' Daddy and Uncle ;-))...


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  1. Well put friend! Love you and your words. I support you 100%


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