Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tube Sock Snowman- Tutorial!

I have LOVED being Hannah's Room Mom this year... it just always felt like one of those things that stay at home moms do... and the fact that I get to do it makes me want to do it so well!
I am NOT the crafty type... don't get me wrong; I can make a mean tissue paper pom pom or scrapbook paper pinwheel but they followed over an hour of studying online tutorials and asking friends for help ;-)
The 'craft' part of being Room Mom has been the most challenging for me. Reindeer Nutter Butters, Snowman String Cheese, Grinch Fruit Kabobs... easy!

A craft that's cheap and easy for a 5 year old to do without strict adult supervision?
Another story completely.
 I was SO SO SO excited when I ran across Tube Sock Snowmen on Pinterest! The pin I found didn't have a link but I was able to find a wonderful tutorial ... and I could not be more excited about doing this project with Hannah's class at their Christmas party! In fact, Hannah and I have had so much fun creating our 'samples' that we've decided to make family gifts out of them, too ;-)
I've done my best to give you a step by step tutorial and I sincerely encourage everyone to do this craft with your kids this year... they make adorable gifts for grandparents or birth parents or teachers or.. anyone! And they are a decoration that anyone would love to pull out year after year!
So here goes nothing....
Tube Sock Snowmen
(in 6 easy steps!!)
I purchased everything needed for this project at WalMart and will include prices for you, too to give you an idea of your investment... and believe me, it's worth every penny!
You'll need....

*1 package of men's white tube socks (6 pairs will make 12 snowmen) ~ $5.00
* 1 box of rice or 1 bag of dry beans (optional)~ $1.97
* 1 bag of Fiber Filling ~ $3.47
* 1 package of black 'fuzzy sticks' ( 20 pipe cleaners)~ $0.88
* 1 package of red 'fuzzy sticks' (20 pipe cleaners)~ $0.88
* 1 package of 'wiggly eyes'~ $0.97
* 1 package of various sized buttons (any colors)~ $1.97
* 1 package of pom poms (various sizes, any colors)~ $1.97
* Fabric glue or hot glue gun
* Holiday or birthday ribbon in any size, color, or shape (I liked using wired ribbon)

Total (will make 12 snowmen)~ $17.11 (plus tax)


Step 1 (optional):

Pour a small amount of rice or beans into the bottom of the tube sock to provide a base for the snowman to stand on. It seems as though the project will work without the base but it does help provide stability!

Step 2:

Stuff tube sock with fiber filling... approximately 3/4 full.

Step 3:

Tie the open end of the full tube sock in a knot.

Step 4:

Fold the open end back over the knot to create the snowman's hat (secure with a dab of hot glue or fabric glue, if you'd like to. I didn't and they still turned out great!).

Step 5:

Tie off the top 1/3 of the tube sock with your choice of ribbon to create the snowman's head and body. (I used the Holiday ribbon I already had and found that the wired ribbon made the best bows).

Step 6:

Decorate to your heart's delight!!

* The black pipe cleaner arms stick right into the sock... no cutting, gluing, or sewing necessary!! If you're SUPER crafty (I told you that I am not), you could even find some real sticks ;-)
* A tiny piece of red pipe cleaner made a cute mouth!
* We used a tiny pom pom for the nose and a larger one for the cute puff-ball hat.
* Use as many buttons as you'd like for your snowman!

The best part of this craft?! Hannah was able to do almost every step by herself and each snowman took about 5 minutes to make.... all 12 took us about an hour! It truly became a project created by her and with her cute signature on the bottom, I can't imagine a better school craft , birth-parent present, or family gift! 

(See original tutorial here)

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