Wednesday, February 26, 2014

UPDATE: Baby Boy K needs to find his family!

I have just spoken with the agency representing the precious baby boy who is in need of a family.... the response to his need has been overwhelming and can only be described as a movement of God's love on his behalf! It's been truly remarkable to witness!

The job of matching a child with his/her family is a tall order... home studies, support systems, capabilities, finances, location... there's so much to sort through to even consider someone as a 'candidate' for such a special, but complex baby boy. Those of us who have adopted know this all too well....

I have taken baby-boy's story down for the moment while the agency's special needs department sorts through and responds to each inquiry... it is of utmost importance to them that they respond to each and every inquiry and do their best to find the right match for him. If a family still has not been found in the next few days, we will repost! And as soon as he has found his family, we'll be the first to know!

If you're a family who inquired about his, please be patient! You WILL hear from his placing agency... give them some time and keep praying :-)

I am humbled beyond words at how fast and how far this baby's story has traveled... the intense love and heart for special needs adoption has been pulled out of so many hearts through K's story! 

Whether this was the first time your heart has been tugged at by adoption or whether it's been a constant ebb and pull that you've ignored for quite a while.... don't ignore your hearts this time, friends. This baby isn't the only one who needs a special family.... there are thousands more; overseas, in the US, and in your city and state. I'd like to encourage you to research local agencies and foster care systems.... let this baby boy's life leave a legacy by building your family through adoption!

In the mean time, please continue to pray for him... for her health and especially for the special family who's hearts are being prepared to welcome their baby boy home... even if they don't know it yet!

This is the fun part, friends... where we get to sit back and watch what God has planned next!

I've been promised an update soon on how Baby K is doing and copy that promise to you... I'm hoping we hear soon! No matter what, God's been working hard the past couple of days and I am so thankful that He chose all of us to be a vehicle by which this sweet boy finds his home...

how incredible is that?!