Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The "A" Word...

Did you vote today? I hope so!

I felt so honored and proud as I walked out of my voting location. The beauty in living in our country is that we DO have the freedom to think, feel, and believe whatever we want... but sometimes that freedom comes at a high price. My passion has always belonged to youth; babies, toddlers, teens, and beyond (because we all know some adults who haven't grown up yet :-)).  My heart throughout the election this year has been focused on the women who have been entrusted with the decision to give or take life from the child that they carry. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion surrounding the dreaded 'a' word; abortion. (I don't understand why we can't be more comfortable with that word when it is such a huge issue in our nation.... so let's call it what it is.)

No matter your personal opinion, I feel strongly that I can speak for anyone and everyone who has experienced any aspect of the adoption process; being adopted, having adopted a child, knowing someone who is/ has adopted, or walking through the process with any of the above. Experience with adoption changes one's views of so many things. It changes someones view of a birth-parent; those precious, selfless people who choose to give their child a life beyond that which they may be able to give at the time. It changes someones view of what it means to be a parent, what it means to love and it causes someone to think beyond the moment and focus on the purpose that God has in a life,,, any life.

As I got in my car after voting this morning, I stopped to pray for everyone who would be voting throughout the day. I prayed for what they would vote for. I did not pray that they would vote the way I did but I did pray that they would consider the value of a life, even one. A pregnant woman has 3 choices; become a parent, end the pregnancy, or place the child for adoption. As an adoptive parent and one who is going through the process again, I know that every life that is taken through abortion takes away one more opportunity for someone like me to become a mom... and let me tell you, those opportunities can be hard to come by as it is.

I hope you'll watch this video. The purpose for Gianna's life is undeniable.. and I can't stand to think of how drastically different her parents lives would be if the supposed plan for her life had been accomplished.

And no matter what you believe, please vote today :-)

Gianna Jessen from LMF CAM on Vimeo.

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  1. Great post! I couldn't agree more. I voted today too and thought about many of those same things as we were "studying" our local candidates.


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