Friday, April 29, 2011

You Know The Saying....

You know the saying, "it could have been worse". This couldn't have been much worse....

Last September we had a garage sale; clothes, stuffed animals, shoes, baby stuff, you name it! What we didn't sell, we stuck in some Hefty extra-large bags and left some of them in the garage and some of it I sold on Craigslist and to friends. I have HUGE issues letting go of Hannah's tiny baby clothes so the stuff in the garage sat there for a little while..... ok, fine. It sat until this week when I finally decided to take it all to a kids' consignment store and see if they would buy any of it.

Let's change gears a little now; In November, we realized that we had a mouse in the garage. We set traps of all kinds and the thing would eat all of the cheese and peanut butter and take off again. We called in the pros, they set their own traps, we didn't see the mouse for a while so we were thankful that the traps worked.

Ok, back to the kids' consignment store;

I'm walking around, waiting for them to go through my bags and hear my name. Thinking they were done going through my stuff, I walked over to the counter and was ready to get my cash.

Not so much.

Her: "There are mouse droppings in these bags so we can't take any of it."
Me: "Hmmm... that's weird. Can you show me? Maybe it's just fertilizer." (Nice, huh? I blame the blonde for that genius theory.)

I walk around the corner and she shows me the mouse poop.

Me: "I'm so sorry!"

She and I start gathering the bags to take back out to my car. One bag that the woman was carrying had some holes in it (hmmm... I wonder where those came from). She was walking behind me and we were about half-way out of the store when she screamed.

Yes. Screamed.

I turned around and there was a dead mouse laying on the floor.

Nope. It wasn't fertilizer.

Let's pause for a second.... what do you do when your hopes and dreams for getting some money out of your childs' beautiful clothes are crushed by mouse droppings and yes, the actual dead mouse lying on the floor of said kids' consignment store?

Well I don't know about you but if you're me, you laugh so hysterically that there's a huge chance you're going to pee your pants and add that to the growing list of things laying on the floor.

And then you grab your stuff and bail.

(Now, in retrospect, that may not have been the best way to handle this situation but it was just one of 'those' moments...)
Next stop, the dump; Good Will doesn't even want this crap.... literally.


BTW, Mouse Pros... thanks a lot for the help :-/

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