Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Special Needs Infant Adoption

We're so excited that our profile is now listed on the Special Needs Infant Adoption page!

The term 'special needs' can be scary but as Joey and I were deciding (like so many of you have) what we were 'open' to in our adoption journey, we had to sit down and decide if 'special needs' was included. We ultimately decided that it is! Everyone feels differently and that's more than ok!

Our theory is this; I have to manage high cholesterol, I had Scoliosis when I was young and had surgery to correct it, Melanoma has popped up on both sides of our family, I wore glasses and braces, Joey had some signs of ADHD growing up, Joey's family carries a rare blood clotting gene.... need I go on? :-) We are VERY healthy people! But we also have some things that we could absolutely pass down to biological children, should we had been able to conceive. The point is, we all have 'needs'.... so we're open to others' needs, as well and more than anything, we want to be completely open to the amazing plan that God has for our family; we don't know what that plan includes yet and we're really having fun finding out (... most of the time).

With all that said :-)... if you're a waiting family and you've decided that you're open to 'special needs' (even just a few!), please consider joining the list of waiting families with Special Needs Infant Adoption or email Kelly at . They're not an agency, there's no fee involved at any point in the process, they find homes for infants and toddlers who have a WIDE variety of needs (non-existent, simple and complex), and they just help birth moms find families and babies find homes... and as a former special-needs teacher and a mom, I love what they do!

Let us know if you sign up and leave a comment with the link to your profile when it's posted... I'd love to see it!

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