Friday, April 1, 2011

Warning: Don't Read With a Sensitive Stomach....

WOW! What a week we've had! I'll spare you the gory pictures but if you have even a slightly queasy stomach, just move on... :-)

Joey is such an athlete! (You know it's good when the story starts that way, huh? ;-))  He played baseball throughout middle and high school, played 2 years of college baseball, plays on softball and basketball leagues each year, golfs, and takes every opportunity to get outside and play with Hannah.

All that said; Wednesday night was the opening game of softball season and he was playing 3rd base. A ball came at him, ricocheted of his glove and went head-on into his right middle finger, slicing the top in half and pushing his bone out through the back of his third knuckle. We spent 3 hours in the ER late Wednesday night while the doctor re-set his bone, stitched him up with lots and lots of stitches, loaded him up with painkillers and antibiotics, and set us up to see a surgeon on Monday morning to see how bad the tendon damage is.

Needless-to-say, he's miserable.... and I'm afraid he will be for quite some time. We've had some long nights, even the Percocet doesn't seem to be helping his pain, and I'm trying my best to keep him comfortable. When you're right handed, your wrist and hand are immobilized, and you're a man... that's not so easy :-) He's been such a trooper and has a great attitude but he's just plain bummed.

I keep reminding myself that God protected Joey on Wednesday night. Yes, he was hurt and yes, it was so scary. BUT, the ball didn't hit him in the chest.... or the mouth.... or the eye.... or the head.... or the stomach. If I have to choose a body part, I choose a toe or a finger.

I hate seeing him in pain. I hate that he's hurting... and I'd take it from him in a second.

I bet that's how God feels when we hurt... and I find so much comfort in that!

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