Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tweet, Pin, Like, Share, Blog!

I never understood Twitter.

(Ummm... I still don't.)

I mean, I know how to use it but then what? It reminds me of Facebook...

Anyway! We DO have a Twitter... Tweeter.... Twit....?

If you'd like to follow us, click below and we'll be quick to follow you back :-)

On certain posts, I'll also include a 'Tweet' button... if you do find that post 'Tweet-worthy', feel free to pass it on. You're only doing us a favor by re-posting, sharing, Tweeting (Twitting?), and re-blogging (I'm working on a 'Pin It' button, too).... we've met 11 AMAZING Moms and First Moms this year because you guys have done just that!

If you don't 'like' us yet but you really do 'like' us, you can do that here.
('Liking' doesn't really seem like that big of a deal but even if you don't 'share' our page, it will show up in your news feed... and you never know who might see it!)

I know this can get annoying... please don't be annoyed. The only reason we 'remind' you once in a while is because it works and well, we've done all we can by ourselves. Now we need your help.

 We met one of our moms (who chose us and later decided to parent her baby) because her sister's friend saw that one of HER friends 'liked' our page and when she heard about her friends' sister and her adoption plan, she remembered our page and wah-la!). You don't have to know an Expectant Mom to make a difference.... just 'like', share, blog, re-post, Pin, or Tweet as you feel so inclined :-D

For those of you who do 'share' us, you'll never know how grateful we are that you see something in us that makes us share-able... I HOPE one day you'll know.
(AND, if there's something else we're not doing that we should be doing to further spread the word about our search for Baby Smith #2, please please tell me!!)

And since you kept with me through all of that.... a goofy picture of our goofy girl to start your week off right ;-)

(Photo credit~ Allison Fowler Photography)


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