Thursday, October 18, 2012

Open Adoption Interview Project- Sign Ups Are Open!

I have written for Production Not Reproduction (The Open Adoption Blog) many times but missed out on their big Blogger Interview Project last year... well, I'm NOT missing it this year!
Registration for this year's project is open to anyone who has ever blogged about open adoption... your blog does not have to be dedicated to adoption but you can sign up if you have discussed any aspect of adoption at some point in your blog's existence.
Head over here to sign up... in the next few days you'll be matched with another blogger and will be given a few weeks to get to know one another. In that time span, you'll interview each other on your experience, thoughts, and feelings on adoption. National Adoption Awareness Month is November so on November 14, you'll post your interview and your partner will post her's.... and I'm so excited to not only get to know one of YOU but to continue expanding my blogroll!
HURRY, because registration ends TONIGHT, October 18! You have just a few hours to get signed up... it's quick and easy so GO! Lemme know if you sign up, too so I know if we're paired with one another ;-)

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