Friday, March 7, 2014

Baby Girl V Needs A Family (and a Baby Boy K update)

Hi friends~

I've always been amazed at how God's people move on behalf of some of his most precious, special angels. He's used every one of you to find families for quite a few babies, just from here alone... and he's used you quickly! I'll never be able to thank you enough for faithfully following the tiny promptings in your heart to share their stories... and to ultimately play a role in helping babies find their families.

I posted 2 babies a couple weeks ago...

One of them was met with an overwhelming number of inquiries and he is so so close to finding his home.... and I can't wait to share with you when that happens!!

The other baby... Baby Girl V... she's a little more 'complicated', in medical terms ... but she has the same exact desperate need for a family.

And her family has yet to be found.

When we shared her story a couple weeks ago, only a few inquiries came in about her. Please understand that so much goes into creating that perfect match between a family and their baby... but the biggest factor is the baby's First Family... what THEY want for her. Yes, her story was shared... yes, a few inquiries came in... yes, they were all considered....

but her family hasn't been found.

And that means that she has spent another 2 weeks without her family... and they've spent another 2 weeks without her.

And that's not ok with me.

And I know you... and I know it's not ok with you, either.

There's only so much we can do to help these sweet little ones... and maybe we aren't the ones who will find her family in the end...

but we have to try...

one more time.


'Share' V's story... in every forum possible (your personal blog, Facebook pages, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, work, email, etc)... that's how urgent this is. Please share everywhere. 

She's scary on paper... yes. She's complicated in medical terms... yes.

She has a family who is desperate to find her... yes.

Let's find them.

Before we continue, I need to lay out a few 'ground-rules', so to speak;

* I am not representing this baby or this situation... I am simply doing what I can do direct anyone who's heart is pulled at this girl's story to the one's who are caring for her.

* The following is ALL of the information I have about this situation... any and all questions should be directed to 

If you're not in a place to adopt, you can help her immensely by sharing her story and by praying for her and her family.... and if you're her family, please know that you're being prayed for, too! And always remember to pray for these little one's First Families... most of us will never understand the depth of the pain they feel as they struggle to make decisions for their precious babies.

Baby Girl V's family is out there... they need their baby, and she desperately needs her family! One more time.... Let's help them find each other :-)

Baby Girl V
(I've updated this post with links that can help explain difficult medical terms... click on each term to be redirected to an explanation)

V is a cuddly 4 week old Caucasian baby girl.  She takes her bottle feedings well and enjoys being rocked to sleep.  V has been diagnosed with structural anomalies in her brain, physical features related to alcohol exposure and optic nerve concerns.  Her brain MRI reveals septo-optic dysplasiabilateral and open lip schizencephalyagenesis of the corpus collosum, prior intraventricular hemorrhagemicrocephaly, areas of migration abnormalities and polymicrogyria.  It’s anticipated that V will have impairment in cognitive, motor and visual functioning.  Her special needs require ongoing intervention by a multidisciplinary team to help her reach her full potential.Fees for Baby V's placement will be $3500 (including interstate paperwork, if applicable but not including travel expenses, attorney fees, and finalization fees).
If you are interested in being considered for a Baby V, please complete our Pre-Application Form in its entirety.

Again, thank you friends... for your prayer for these babies, for your help in finding their families, for your patience in getting responses to your questions, and for the patience you've had with me as I try my hardest to help them, too!