Sunday, March 23, 2014

UPDATE; Baby Girl V STILL Needs a Family

The response to Baby Girl V's need for a forever family has once again, been completely overwhelming! 

You... God's hands and feet... Amaze me with you heart for these precious babies...

And I just know that V's family will be found soon!

V's caregivers and representatives have asked me to temporarily remove V's story as they soft through the hundreds of inquiries they've received about her... Please give them some time and patience.

If you did inquire about Baby Girl V, please know that they will get back to you as quickly as possible.

In the mean time, thank every one of you for proving that these special little ones are wanted and loved as much as any other sweet child. You all never cease to amaze me at faithfully following God's prompting in your heart to help his children!

Please continue to pray for V's First Family and her current caregivers as they make decisions for V... And pray for this sweet girl as she waits for her forever family :-)

PS... Please remember a few things before you comment, email, or message;

* I do not work for anyone... nor do I get compensated for posting these babies' stories. I am simply a vehicle that God is using to find His most precious babies their forever homes... just like He is using every single person who shares their stories.

* The babies I try to help are being represented by extremely well-known and reputable adoption agencies. These representatives have approached me and have asked for my/ our help... they have utilized all of their resources to find forever families for these special ones, and have not found them yet.

* I do not have any answers to any of your questions... I will always post contact information for those questions that do come up.

* I will not tolerate anyone bashing First Families/ Birth Parents/ Birth Mothers/ Birth Fathers or anyone related to them... nor will I tolerate anyone questioning their motives. If you'd like to discuss this further, feel free to contact me. If all you'd like to do is bash or question... you're free to leave.