Friday, March 11, 2011

A Call For Prayer

I'm sure most of you are glued to the TV this morning, as we are. We've only just begun to see the devastation in Japan and should brace ourselves... it's not over yet. Hawaii and the West coast are bracing themselves for what's headed their way... and we are praying. Praying for safety, quick recovery, for the families who have already lost loved one's.... and for those who don't know where their loved one's are.

My cousin in in Japan, friends. We've heard from him (Facebook is a blessing to our family this morning), but he's stuck and for who knows how long. This is his Facebook status this morning...

They let us back in the airport but no flights are going out. Earthquake was huge! The whole terminal shook like crazy and I was able to run outside. We stood outside for two hours while the aftershocks rolled in..6.5 magnitude. Ground kept rolling off and on for two hours. We're hoping the tsunami does not come near here.

He's ok and for that we are thankful... but we'll be relieved and able to relax when he's safely home.

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  1. Thankful your cousin is okay. Just never know what news we will wake up to, do we?


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