Thursday, March 24, 2011

"I Don't Want My Children To Be Happy...."

A friend passed this amazing blog post on to me this afternoon and I wanted to share it with you. I'll copy and paste my favorite lines as a teaser but make sure you head over to It's Almost Naptime and read the whole post, too!

...My goal as your mom is not your happiness, sugars. In fact, I spend at least half my day making you unhappy. If I had a nickle for every tear that falls in this home on a daily basis, we wouldn't need to worry about college tuition at all.

Happiness is fleeting, sweet babies. That means it doesn't last. It's a quick feeling that comes from a funny movie or a heart shaped lollipop or a really good birthday present. It's great. I love to be happy. But happiness is a reaction that is based on our surroundings. And our surroundings are so very rarely under our control. Even when - especially when - we think they are. So no, I absolutely don't want you to spend your life chasing something that has so little to do with your own abilities. You'll just be constantly frustrated....

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  1. Okay, I love the teaser (have said it to my girls a number of times!) so I am definitely going over to read the rest!


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