Monday, January 31, 2011

The Storms Roll In...

Though I typically refer to 'storms' when talking about life's ups and downs, this time I'm definitely referring to the 'historic and destructive' storms that are starting to rear their ugly head all throughout the country today, tomorrow, and Wednesday.

I'll be honest friends, I hate snow. I really hate snow. I don't think it's pretty. Well, I'll admit that it's beautiful lying in a field untouched, or gracefully covering the trees that hang over a country road. But that's the ONLY time it's pretty.

It's NOT pretty when mixed with slush and salt, and dirt or when it's sweetly covering a thick sheet of black ice or lies in patches as it melts on grass that's been dead for 2 months... nope, not pretty.

I'll admit that it's fun to play in. BUT, it's only fun for a little while and the amount of fun you have definitely depends on the company you keep when playing in it. For instance, playing with my super-fun husband and baby-girl in the snow is SO MUCH FUN!

BUT, peeling dripping wet, freezing cold clothes off your rosy-cheeked, teeth-chattering toddler is not so much fun.

SO... today we're hunkering down. Oh, we'll play in the snow tomorrow before the plows come and disrupt the beauty of untouched snow; when the only thing you can see in the middle of our cul-de-sac is our foot-prints.

But today, we'll read books about Spring and babies (because who doesn't want to read about babies?!) :-)), dress up in princess clothes, wear high-heels with pajama pants on, put princess crowns on bed-head hair, eat some (more) of this... and during nap-time, you'll find Mommy snuggled up on the couch watching

(who doesn't love Diane Lane?!)

...and drinking a steaming, hot cup of

Are you hunkering down for some nasty weather, too? What do you or you and your family do to pass the time? Do you have a 'comfort' you go to during a storm... any kind of storm?


  1. Oh I sure do hate it for you! we will not be getting any of the nasty weather. Just some rain sometime this week. Hope it is not a storm that keeps you stuck inside too long. That is fun for about 2 days and then I get restless! Um...and I always want to BAKE and EAT when it snows!!!

  2. Hope you stay warm! Living on the coast we never see snow like that! Enjoy it for us!

  3. We alredy have about 2 inches and it's not letting up anytime soon... we're in for the long haul this week :-/

    Trish~ Let's house-swap... I'd LOVE a weekend on the coast :-)


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