Tuesday, January 25, 2011

You Know You're A Mom When...

I've read so many 'Mom' lists but I thought it was time I made my own :-) Here it is:

You know you're a Mom when...

~ You order chicken tenders instead of a Caesar salad when out for dinner because that way, your toddler can share with you.

~ You only eat half of your meal because you know that 'someone' is going to want some of yours when he/she is finished eating their food.

~ You've been in the car for 30 minutes by yourself for the first time in who knows how long when you realize that Dora has been playing over and over in the CD player and you NEVER NOTICED!

~ You put the car in reverse to pull out of the driveway and call your husband because the car won't move. Your husband says, "It might help if you turn the car ON." (Nope, this didn't happen to me ... yesterday.)

~ You're in the car and you're really thirsty but you're already running late so you grab the sippy-cup out of the diaper bag and drink right out of the sippy-cup... and hope the person in the car next to you didn't just see you.

~ You wake up in the middle of the night and miss your sweet baby so much that you get out of bed, slip into their room, watch them sleep for a while and have to seriously resist the urge to pick them up so you can snuggle and inhale their precious smell.

~ You and your husband go out to a rare dinner alone and the whole time you feel like something's missing. You check your purse for your phone, wallet, keys, lip-gloss, and finally realize that you're missing your baby... your most perfect accessory.

~ You would rather feed your family Mac N' Cheese and hot dogs (GROSS!!!!) for dinner than give up your 20 minutes on the couch reading books to your baby just so you can make a gourmet meal.

~ You would rather have Strep throat, a UTI, or a broken bone (just a few of the most awful things, in my opinion) than watch your sick baby suffer and not be able to fix them.

~ You open up your Chaptick and lather on more spit than lip-moisturizer.

~ You're comforted by the sound of your baby breathing through the monitor next to your bed.

And finally (for now)...

~You know you're a Mom when... you give up half of your chocolate, even though it's your favorite and a rare indulgence, just to see your child's messy face and be able to kiss it off :-)

Do you have any to add? I'd LOVE to make this list grow :-)


  1. This is a great list. I just found your blog and love the title. Come on over and visit at www.feedingmypickyeaters.blogspot.com

  2. Well said! I love the part about drinking from her sippy cup. Been there, done that! For me, you also know when your a mom when you're running errands by yourself (a very rare occasion) and you reach into your pocket to pay and you pull out a hair bow, small, crushed pieces of cheerios or something random and small you picked up off the floor (so your little one wouldn't put it in her mouth) to throw away, but you never did. :-)


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