Saturday, February 5, 2011

Daily Deal

Happy Saturday, Friends!

Hannah and I didn't have much planned yesterday but really needed to get out of the house... can you imagine why?! (The snow isn't melting yet but the sun is out.... we're making progress.)

Michaels is one of my favorite stores but since I'm completely lacking the creative gene, I try to stay away because I get super overwhelmed BUT yesterday, I was SOOOO excited to see all of the new Valentine's Day and Dollar Spot things that Michaels has right now. Hannah and I stocked up on the cutest Valentine's Day craft that we're going to make for her friends and family ... and Joey loved the idea so much that he's really excited to help, too (which is good for Mommy because I have trouble with even the easiest crafts and he's a pro).

I am a complete sucker for anything monogrammed and the Dollar Spot was an inexpensive little slice of heaven for me; stationary, luggage tags, cute gift boxes, pens, bright colors, paisley, florals... all for $1. It took a little brain-power to go through all of close family and friends' names but I managed to stock up on some little Valentine's Day gifts, birthday presents, and even some Easter basket stuffers for Hannah!

The best part of our impromptu trip yesterday? All of their Valentine's Day stuff was 30% off and they have a great  20 % off coupon for your entire purchase!!  (It's the little things that get me SOO excited, can you tell?!)... So if you're like me and need some help with math, all of the Dollar Spot stuff I got ended up being only $.80 and the Valentine's kit that makes 24 Valentine's was less than $4.50! Can't beat that!

Do you have a lazy Saturday planned? Head over to Michaels and let me know what you find... it ended up being a fun, productive, and really cheap trip out of the house for me and Hannah :-)

I'll post pics of our Valentine's when we're done making them!

Have an amazing weekend!

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  1. We stocked up on Michael's Valentine's day stuff earlier this week. Such fun!


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