Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Storm.... It's Here.

"Snowapalooza"... "The Blizzard of Oz"... "Epic Snow"... whatever you want to call it; it's here.

I'll call it cold. That's about all it deserves.

6 food snow drifts, 7-10 hours of interstate closed, people without power, cars buried under snow...

yeah, I'm over it.

Snow does something to me. Maybe it's being stuck inside. Truthfully, we couldn't go anywhere even if we wanted to. There's only so much you can clean, so many Dora episodes you can watch, so many princess dresses you can wear, and only so many nails to paint. Then, I go crazy.

Moving on :-)

Hannah refused to eat dinner last night. She ate her one bite, which was basically all we had asked of her so we were ok with that. But when she got super grumpy later on in the night, I knew it was because she hadn't eaten.

Me: "Hannah, what would you like to eat? A banana? Fruit bar? Cereal?"

Hannah: "Mommy, I NEED McDonalds!!!"

Me: "Uh-oh."

Well, that was my response last night but when I woke up this morning and saw what I knew was the beginning of a LOOOOOOOOOONNNNNGGGG couple of days, McDonalds is exactly where we went.

Sometimes, you just NEED McDonalds. I get that.

After McDonalds we went to WalMart to stock up, like everyone else, on the things that are necessary to get you through a couple LOOOOOOONNNNNNGGGGG days stuck at home:

~ Dog food
~ Diapers
~ A new Dora movie
~ And purple nail polish

** I'll leave it to you to figure out which of those 4 things match up with the 4 of us :-) HA! **

A neighbor got stuck in the cul-de-sac tonight when he was trying to pull into his driveway (yep, random post... random day). We were eating dinner and Joey ran out to help. Four big, grown men tried over and over to push, pull, run and push, pull and run to try and get his car up the driveway and into the garage....

and I stood by the window and cracked up!

Like, belly laughing-cracked-up. Crying-cracking-up. Hannah was belly-laughing, too (which only made me laugh even harder) but not because she knew what was going on. She just laughs when I do :-) It's SO MEAN when I look back on it but I couldn't help it. Something was SO funny about these big men and this tiny car.... the men won in the end but that tiny car put up a BIG fight!

Yep, crazy has set in.

So, Hannah refused to eat dinner again. McDonalds wasn't an option tonight... :-( She settled for a banana before bed. She didn't realize that you have to watch your back when you have food in this house....


They're so cute :-)

So, the storm is here. Yes, it's a blizzard. Yes, it's epic. Yes, it's cold.

But... like every other storm in our life, we'll make it. And like every other storm, we'll come out stronger and fatter (because no matter what kind of storm is raging, food finds it's way in. Hopefully it's people food and not dog food, tho).

I hope it passes soon. Joey's nails are the only one's left I have to paint... and I'm pretty sure I know how that'll go over.... :-)


  1. You are HILARIOUS!!! Stay warm girl and enjoy your time inside!!!!

  2. Wow! You guys are really getting hammered. -What state are you in? Hopefully spring is right around the corner.

  3. Jenny~ I WISH I could be as creative as you... I'm SO jealous of your fun ideas and crafts!

    Ashley~ We're in Kansas... the sun is out this morning and while we're still stuck inside, I'm going to try and trick myself into believing that it IS Spring... try :-)


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