Monday, February 14, 2011

Freezable Recipes: Megan's Chicken Pan Pie

Megan's Chicken Pan Pie

* 3-4 chicken breasts
* 1 can cream of chicken soup
* 1 bag of frozen mix vegetables
* 1 cup milk
* 1 box of stovetop stuffing mix.
* Optional: shredded cheese

~ Cook the chicken breasts in the crock pot for 3 hours on high
~ Shred with a fork after 2 hours
~ While chicken is cooking, cook the vegetables according to package directions
~ In a large bowl, combine chicken, vegetables, cream of chicken soup, and milk (and salt and pepper to taste.)
~ Spray the bottom of the 2 pans/dishes and pour half of the mixture in each (you will freeze one)
(Optional: Cover both dishes with shredded cheese)
~  Make the Stovetop mix according to package directions and cover each dish lightly with the stuffing
~ Bake one of the dishes on 350 for 30 minutes and freeze the other

**Thanks Megan!!

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