Thursday, February 9, 2012

Reminder to Open Adoption-ees

I'll admit that Valentine's Day hasn't always been my fav... but when it comes to open adoptions, it really is the perfect time to let your child's First Parents (and may others') know that you're thinking about them and love them.

I have made these crafts a tradition for most Holidays... Christmas, Valentine's Day & Easter unless I find a super-cute one on some other day. Hannah and I have been busy this week not only putting together our Valentine's Day goody-bags for her very first school party, but we've been making these cute cards, too...

There are TONS of people who love this little girl and every one of them will get one of these cute cards this year; grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts & uncles, and her First Parents and their parents... all equally in love with her and all deserving of a special treat to let them know how much they mean to us.

I got the kit to make these at Target for $5 and it included enough cards and stickers to make 20 Valentines (I cut out the photos and stuck them on with the stickers)! Now really, for $5? What's your excuse? ;-)

 I also ran into WalMart yesterday and found this entire wall of similar kits (to make photo cards, frames, mailboxes, door hangers, and SO much more!).. these kits were all $5, too!

(Did you know that WalMart doesn't really like for you to take pictures of their displays with your phone-camera? They don't. I told them that I was posting it on my blog and it would surely bring in some sales ;-) HAHA!)

I'm a advocate for open adoptions, true... but if you're an "AP" who has an 'open adoption' with your child's First Parents, please remember this;

There are only TWO other people in this entire world who are capable of loving your child as much as you do. The least they deserve is a special thought once in a while (and that special thought should always include a cute photo ;-)).

These crafts require a lot of work... especially when your child is young like Hannah is. One day she will be able to make these on her own but I needed to start early so she would grasp the concept of sending special people a thoughtful, hand-made gift.

(I am NOT however, in denial about the fact that no amount of 'prep' at this young age will make Thank You notes anything but a fight as she gets older.... oh, how I remember those Thank You notes. Wait... I STILL write those!! At what age do children write their OWN Thank You's? That day can't come soon enough!!)

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  1. The cards are adorable and I know they will be treasured by anyone who receives them but most especially her birthparents. :)

  2. Thanks, girl :-) They all deserve a little reminder of how much they mean to us!


  3. Just sent cards to two birth mommas, a birth grandma, and to two bio siblings....thanks for the reminder!

  4. Awesome, Sonya! I know you're really good at remembering them :-)
    I'm glad to know that some other First Families will get some treats this Valentine's Day.



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