Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Then & Now; Lessons From My Daughter

Then: When a shirt fell off the rack at a store, I would leave it and move on.
"Mommy, we have to pick up that shirt!"
Now: I pick it up... I want my daughter to pick up after herself, to not be lazy.

Then: When a store employee was rude or short to me, I would treat them with the same 'kindness' that they used with me.
"Mommy, is she sad?"
Now: I kill them with kindness.... I want my daughter to be the bigger person, and to give the benefit of the doubt.

Then: I used to plow through the intersection when the light was yellow.
"Mommy, red means stop."
Now: I stop... I want my daughter to follow the rules.

Then: When I got to the register and decided I don't want something that's in my cart after all, I would stick it in the magazine rack.
"Mommy, why did you put that there?"
Now; I put it back... I want my daughter to be responsible.

Then: I would say a simple, "Thank you" when getting off the phone or leaving a store or the doctors office.
"Mommy, that lady was nice!"
Now: I add, "I really appreciate your help,".... I want my daughter to be grateful.

Then: I used to drive over the speed limit.
"Mommy, are we going so fast?"
Now: I set my cruise control to the speed limit... I want my daughter to be safe.

Then: I would leave our trash on the table when we left a restaurant.
"Mommy, we need to find a trash can."
Now: I throw it away... I want my daughter to respect people and the jobs they do.

Then: I would pass a homeless person and literally turn my head the other way so I didn't have to make eye contact with them.
"Mommy, what does that sign say?"
Now: I look at them, I pray for them, and i help them if I can... I want my daughter to be compassionate.

Though I have learned powerful lessons from the people and experiences in my life, and have much more to learn, no one and nothing has taught me more about life and love than my daughter has....

Then: On nights when I was completely and utterly exhausted, I would skip a conversation with God and tell myself that I would pray in the morning.
"Mommy, we didn't say our prayers!"
Now: I pray.... because if we aren't praying for our daughter, then who is?


  1. Great post! thanks for reminding me :)

  2. So very true!!! The little ones are the ones teaching us so many lessons!!!

  3. Great Reminder! We must teach by example

  4. ha, pretty much all of those are true in my case too :)

  5. I think I feel another "You Know You're A Mom When..." post coming ;-)


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