Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Crock Pot Chicken Tacos

I'm on a recipe roll... join in if you have one to share!

I got the recipe for Crock Pot Chicken Tacos from our previous pastor's wife and they have become a family-favorite!

Crock Pot Chicken Tacos

3-4 frozen chicken breasts
1 can black beans
1 can corn
1 can Rotel (or 1 small jar of salsa)
1 packet taco seasoning

~Sometime in the morning, place all ingredients in the crock pot (yes, even the frozen chicken breasts). Cook on low for 6-8 hours.

~ Sometime in the afternoon, use a fork to shred chicken. Re-cover and continue cooking on low for a few more hours.

~ Serve taco mixture over flour or corn tortillas with garnish such as rice, cheese, sour cream, avacado, or salsa.

* For a quicker cooking time, cook on high for 4-6 hours.


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  1. Lindsay, I got this recipe from Holly also, and we LOVE it. SO EASY!! Love the new blog!


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