Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Grogg- It's a drink

My favorite time of year is Fall! I love the leaves changing (well, depending on where you live), pumpkins on front porches, beautiful apples in the grocery stores, breeze that smells like Fall, and the promise of the upcoming Holiday season! What I don't look forward to is Winter but I'll save that for another day... a downer day.

For me, Grogg is a signature favorite of mine and I don't really believe that Fall is here until that first pot is simmering on the stove. My Mom makes Grogg every fall and winter and not only does it smell spicy and cinnamony and wonderful but it tastes heavenly! I thought I'd share the recipe so you can try it for yourself... I promise you'll be hooked!
Grogg (From my Mom's kitchen :-))

1 cup orange juice
1 cup ginger ale (or sierra mist or sprite)
1 cup strong brewed tea
2 cups cranberry juice
2 cinnamon sticks
6 cloves

~ Place all ingredients in a pot and simmer. Serve hot.

YUM!! I'm drinking some right now... let me know if you try it!


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