Monday, October 25, 2010

Juno Baby

Look what came in the mail today!! About a month ago I signed up for this free DVD, not completely trusting that I would receive it... and today I did! The one we received is "Juno's Rhythm Adventure" and since the Mom who created the Juno series is a composer, I'm expecting some great new kids' music.

A card was enclosed with the DVD and says that other Moms can get the free DVD, as well! If you want to get one go to

Let me know if you request one and I'll let you know soon how we like ours :-)

Update: We LOVE it! We don't let Hannah watch a lot of TV but she has been transfixed for 20 minutes so far... great music, great lessons, and lots of color! Go order yours... for a gift, stocking stuffer or to tuck away for a future baby. We'll be ordering more Juno Baby movies :-)

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